Car Free Day Challenge and Celebration Today!

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Thanks to a reader for sending:

Every September 22, people from around the world get together to celebrate a day without cars. Car Free Day Metro DC asks you to take the Car Free Challenge, and by doing so you could win an iPod nano or other great prizes!  Visit to pledge and see what Car Free Day activities are going on near you.

Come join us for the DC Car Free Day Street Celebration, taking place on September 22 from 11am – 3pm at 7th & F Streets NW, which will include:

– Live Music and Entertainment
– Free T-shirts and Other Giveaways
– SmartBike Test Rides and Discounted Memberships
– Free Bike Tune-ups from The Bike Rack
– Segway Demonstrations

– Yoga Classes Courtesy of Washington Sports Club

Ride your bike to the celebration and use the free bike valet!

Don’t have a bike? No need to worry: take the Circulator Bus, which will be providing free rides the entire day!  Or get a free bike rental for the day from Bike & Roll!”


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  • I don’t have a car, I don’t have a bike, but I DO have a job, so I won’t be able to attend the event.

  • I just passed the one year mark of car-free living and kept track of my expenses for the year. For our 2-person household, non-owners insurance, Zipcar membership and usage, car rentals, taxis, Peapod, and Metro fare (above and beyond what we would have used anyway when we owned a car) — I calculated that car-free living for a 2-person household for a year cost $1598.

    The car we gave up last September was a paid-off 2001 Dodge Neon. My calculation of the cost of owning that car for one year, including insurance, maintenance, gas, tickets, registration, etc was $2364.00.

    So it was cheaper to be car-free than to own a car, even a car that was completely paid off. And the catch us that the Dodge Neon was a lemon and needed an engine overhaul. Had we purchased a new car and factored in another $400/month or so of car payments, then car-free is definitely much cheaper.

    We both take public transport to work (paid for by Metrochek) and did even when we had a car, so it didn’t take too much of a lifestyle change. We rent a car whenever we need to get out of town to go camping or visit family, and use Zipcar for things like taking the cat to the vet. We walk to grocery store most of the time, but used Peapod for Thanksgiving and our Caribbean Fest party.

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