Brightwood Bistro Gets Good Review in the Post

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Thanks to a reader for sending the link. The article starts off:

“Washington diners often complain of a lack of good neighborhood joints. Brightwood Bistro (5832 Georgia Ave. NW, 202-545-5014) aims to be part of the solution.

The restaurant replaced the short-lived Meridian in August. The ambitious bistro is a venture of five friends, all of whom grew up in the Brightwood neighborhood. “We’ve lived in this area our whole lives and we’ve never had a nice sit-down restaurant. You had to go to Georgetown or downtown,” says Daymon Anderson, general manager and co-owner. “So when the opportunity presented itself to us, we jumped on it.”

Read the full article here.

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  • Love this place, food is extremely good! Yes, a few dollars more, but worth it…

  • i went last night–food and service were great–but not cheap. a (very good) burger is 15$.

    looking forward to going again…

  • Is there parking?? Or is it better to take the bus? Please advise. I, too, read the article in the Post and want to try the place!

  • There’s generally a lot of parking around there, the area is a bit deserted and shady at night especially. Not any more dangerous than most other parts of Georgia Ave of course, just shady. They also do valet parking on weekend nights. The 79 Express bus stops right in front of it, as do the other Georgia Ave buses.

    Also, re: the burger, I was told the $15 was a misprint and the actual price is $12. Not that its a huge difference but Chris did you check your bill / receipt? Just curious…

    Also, what was unsaid in the WashPost article but mentioned in the Washington Business Journal is that these guys, in addition to being local (grew up in various parts of Rittenhouse and Sheridan mostly) also want to open a culinary academy for at-risk kids and other such stuff. In short, their an inspiring and ambitious bunch!

  • Good lord, will I ever outgrow my their / there / they’re confusions?

  • perhaps it was my shrimp linguini that was 15 and the burger was 13–my bad. again, i really liked the food–it was special. the staff was very kind and helpful. it’s just the prices, to me, are a little pricey…. rather than the low teens, i’d say most were in the high teens, for example.

  • I agree, its nice dining but you do pay for it. I believe the food is worth it, very much so, but with the prices I can only go there twice a month or so instead of morning-noon-and-night like I would do for a cheaper place.

    But again, the food is fundamentally worth it, and think of what that place could do for that corner if it makes it! Amazing… From Ibex to Rolex… (or something pithy)

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