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  • Good grief. One more DC flag tattoo and I’m going to puke. It’s not you PoP, it’s the folks with them. So far of the twenty or so people I’ve asked with the dc flag tattoo, only 2 are from here. I just don’t get it.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m not originally from DC and I am fiercely proud of it and defend it in arguments frequently… I think it is similar to some of the most fiercely patriotic folks being new immigrants.

  • People who aren’t from D.C. or at the least the surrounding burbs and who have DC tattoos are lame. Also, which direction is that tattoo facing, it should be the other direction. Though I guess if its for you then its fine, but everyone else will look at it upside down.

  • It’s actually my tat.. I defend it cause I wouldnt be alive without DC . My parents would have never met unless they came to DC, met at the Washington Plaza- one being an immigrant of the Philippines, the other being an immigrant of Egypt- hense the colors and the Onk. I’m first generation, DC born-certificate and all. I’ve got alot of damn pride because this city started my family in America.

  • Goodness, such vitriol over someone’s choice of a tattoo. Whatever design they chose obviously has personal meaning to them, be it sentimental or merely aesthetic. I’m of Chinese descent and certainly don’t mind if someone has Chinese characters tattooed on their body (although do your research people! I once met a woman who thought she had “beautiful princess” on her arm, when it really said “beautiful prostitute”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. Sigh). Nice tat and lovely background, Anonymous…thanks for the explanation; I was wondering what the ankh was for!

  • I agree with Nita. Why does it matter whether you were born and/or grew up in DC to have pride and love the city? I just don’t get it. Could someone explain?

  • I agree…stop worrying about what others get tattooed on theimselves. And the whole “you’re not REALLY from DC unless you were born here” argument is really lame. One of the things that makes this city so interesting is that almost everyone here is from somewhere else.

    And what’s wrong with a little pride? I’ve lived in PA, NY, NJ, and the UK, but DC is the only place I’ve lived so far with such a symbolic flag that people wear so proudly. I love it. But I’ve only lived in the District for 5 years, so I guess my opinion shouldn’t matter.

  • I am born and raised in dc and got the flag tattoo when I was 18 as did several of my friends. One thing that is annoying is when new schoolers say that I am for state rights and think thats what the tattoo means because it was kind of hijacked as a symbol for that fight when it is more about the hometown or hardcore music scene in dc if anything. Also one of my friends who got it was a norther virginian and yes we never let him live it down. Nobody is saying you transients dont help make the city what it is or that we dont want you here but it would be nice if something as serious as a tattoo were left to those actually of DC. If i moved to nyc you wouldnt see me getting a tatt about it.

  • What if you grew up in NY, but lived in DC for a longer period of time and is the place you consider home?

    The whole argument doesn’t make sense and will never go away. I guess I should probably just stop while I’m ahead (or behind…whatever).

  • I think this has always been a debate because the new people feel like dc is home and feel like they should be able to lay the same claims to it as those who grew up here and when people actually from here call them out they feel like they arent being accepted by the city they love. I’d argue that no matter how long you live in a place it just isnt the same as growing up in it. I can not relate at all to someone who grew up in amish country. That being said Im glad you are all here and the city has obviously changed for the better in most respects even if its become a little more yuppie and a lot more white collar. I and most of my friends would not have been able to afford college if our parents homes had not appreciated 1000 percent. As far as the tattoo goes I just feel like if i see someone my age with it I should be able to strike up a convo about things only someone who grew up here would know. So its a little dissapointing to find out its not the case most of the time. As ontarioroader pointed out its a little wierd that more people with the tattoo arent from here then those with the tatt that are.

  • Unless you are Piscataway indian you are a “newcomer” here, period.

  • Odentex your logic has failed you.

  • by your logic we are all from Africa Odentex. including the indians you speak of.

  • i agree with odentex, actually… i dont think you even have to go back that far to negate the claims of ‘my dc’ on this board. the face of the city has changed so drastically just within a few years that its not even the same city that most people from here were born in. you cant say that new comers arent dc enough when the current dc is BECAUSE of the new comers (even anon pointed out how they couldnt have afforded college without the rise in property values, alluding to the magnitude of the cities shift), and i might even venture to suggest that new dcers have a love and pride equl to or greater than ‘original’ dcers because they are the ones that moved in and pushed it towards what it is today…

  • “Logic”? I’m just pointing out the absurdity of the situation. I lived and Texas for thirty years of my life and ain’t nobody ever protected their Texan creed from “outsiders” as fiercely as some DC residents do theirs. Wanna knock on the NoVa and Maryland kids? I think y’all could come together and have the same tattoo that says “Mistake I Made When I Was in My 20’s”. If someone wants to go through the expense and pain of having the DC flag, a picture of a half-smoke or Marion Berry’s face broiled unto their skin, more power to them, it doesn’t effect anyone else.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to head over and git my lone star tattoo touched up.

    Pro Texana!

  • Christobal: I think it may be a little unfair to suggest that DC residents before the latest upturn didn’t love their city as much, or more even, than current residents. In fact, there are more than a few people who lament the passing of the “old DC.” But, it’s equally silly to suggest that “newcomers” don’t belong or can’t, somehow, “understand” something about the city that the older residents can. Cities change. Some New Yorkers will never get over the Disneyfication of Times Square, some DC folks will lament the passing of one obsolete music scene or another, or the proliferation of yuppies and their dollars, but things change. No doubt the volume of hand wringing and lamentations when neighborhoods like Petworth turned black in the 50’s and 60’s was just as loud and just as pointless. It’s an untenable position to suggest you have some greater right to live one place or another simply because of an accident of birth, especially in a constantly changing city like DC. You know who has a right to live in Washington DC and claim it as their home?


  • texans dont try and protect their creed? didnt you guys try and seceed the union just because people tried to take your blacks away?

  • I dont think anyone from dc has yet said that transplants are not allowed to call dc home. Some have simply lamented that said transplants live here a few years and get a tattoo. thats all. From what I can see on this thread it seems the animosity is coming from the transplants.

  • Anon: The civil war? Really? Why not make a crack about George Bush or ten gallon hats? Jheesh.

    I will note for the record that the federal government, so intent and righteous in their goals, didn’t act to free the slaves in the one jurisdiction they had direct control over (DC) for well over a year after the commencement of the war.

    As far as the average Texan’s attitudes in 1860, I’ll have to punt since I wasn’t around at the time.

  • odentex. you went all the way back to friggin native americans so i think the civil war is in play. further the point being addressed was texans protecting their creed. not the overall fact that texas is a red state full of racists. you are really starting to come off like an idiot.

  • Anon @ 1:01: If that’s you at 10:26 as well saying:

    “because the new people feel like dc is home and feel like they should be able to lay the same claims to it as those who grew up here and when people actually from here call them out they feel like they arent being accepted by the city they love. I’d argue that no matter how long you live in a place it just isnt the same as growing up in it.”

    I don’t know how you can say what you say now. That’s pretty clear. You feel you have a superior claim to DC and, therefore, others have a inferior claim. I say that’s BS since the mythical city you claim as your own is in your memories. Live with it. Nobody has a superior claim based on when they showed up, it’s only what they do once their here that matters.

  • “not the overall fact that texas is a red state full of racists. you are really starting to come off like an idiot.”

    Mr. Pot, please meet Mr. Kettle.

    Yeah, DC is a paradise free of all racial hatred.

  • Anon: ? I mentioned the indians to point out the ridiculous nature of the argument of “who came first”.

  • I was born at the Washington Hospital Center…..I’m just sayin.

  • i think it’s absurd how many people are so edgy about DC tattoos or anyones choice of tattoo in general. Odentex, you generally just sound like your being anal and you take others life choices way too seriously- such explains your resiliant comment leaving skills on this particular topic. Let it go- stop being so republican, and understand that this is someone else’s personal choice to express their heritage. it obviously means something to someone and you just sound like your being obtuse for the sake of it.

  • I was born in GW Hospital. When, I’m not saying…

  • odentex. Knowing that you are from texas and reading these comments i am inspired to repeat the old stand by. “I think a village in texas is missing its idiot.”

  • i dont think odentex was saying anything about tattoos, but rather the foolish sense of ownership that ‘native’ dcers feel and try to excercise over new comers…

    i dont want to put words in anyones mouth though, so while i can only specualte his sentiments as such, ill go ahead and confirm them as mine.

  • Cristobal- isnt this phenom true of any city? and to a larger extent the country as a whole? hometown pride is nothing new. not sure why the transplants are so surprised by it. Again it seems like transplants have an infieriority complex about it, where as the people who are born here are pretty indifferent except when, as in the case of this thread, it involves tattoos. but i dont think anyone on here actually has one do you?

  • I’m from DC (born at GWU) and the ‘transplants’ dont seem to have a complex to me. Rather Anonymous @3:13, @9:42, etc… seems to feel like growing up here gives one special privileges to be enthusiastic about living here. I am happy if someone comes from another area and adopts this city as their own.

  • I do not account for all the anon posts on this thread but a couple. and I still do not see where anyone has said that transplants are A: not welcome here, or B: have no right to be enthusiastic about living here. This is why it comes off as a complex.

  • the people posting here that are from DC do seem to be taking precautions to say they dont harbor any ill feelings towards the newcomers. go back and read over the posts… and id agree that the new comers posting here do seem to be offended and lashing out regardless.

  • The first Anonymous comment begins “People who aren’t from D.C. or at the least the surrounding burbs and who have DC tattoos are lame.”

  • ok that is one post out of a bunch and again his or her point is directed only at people who move here and get inked after a few years. not all people who arent from here. and frankly it is lame. got to agree with him. but again. bring on the transplants. the more the merrier

  • “Anonymous @ 4:38”: it’s pretty clear you are the author of most of these anon comments, that you have to resort to name calling when your inconsistent statements are pointed out, and while you reverse yourself again and again your transparent and simple-minded feelings about “transplants” and others “who aren’t from here” are blindingly clear in every single comment you make … why not own those beliefs?

  • this shit is giving me a headache

  • actually bud she was born in DC! I love this tattoo. I was wondering which one you got on here.

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