Taqueria Distrito Federal Has Joyous Successful Opening in Petworth


If you live up in North Country you have to super psyched at this moment. As expected the new opening was a great success. There was a mariachi singer which is probably one of the coolest experiences in my opinion. The inside has a cool old school feel with a big open bar with cushioned stools. I didn’t have time to eat but everyone in the place seemed to really enjoy their orders. And of course the owner is probably one of the nicest human beings on earth. And if you live in a 2 mile radius you can get free delivery! Get eating! More photos of the grand opening after the jump.

Taqueria D.F. Niorth: [Map]
805 Kennedy St. NW
Washington, DC 20011
202) 276-7331
Catering • Take-out • Free Local Delivery (2 mile radius)




One of the nicest human beings you’ll ever meet, DF’s owner.

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  • Yee haw! This makes me feel at home for two good reasons:

    (1) DF makes preety darn good tacos, and

    (2) The mariachi feller is wearin’ his pistola outside his breeches just like back home!

  • People should have gone for the opening – the owner gave us our meal at 50% of the price. Not a bad way to endear yourself to the neighbors!

  • Picked up some take out last night… Dang good!
    I hope this is the beginning of some substantive night life in the North Country…

  • i was REALLY looking forward to eating tamales here on Saturday, and went by just before non, only to be told that “maybe” there might be tamales in “2 or 3 hours.” that made me sad.

  • that should read “…went by just before NOON…”

  • Stopped by last night. Nice and friendly owner. Good vibe.

    But the tacos were nothing special. I got the 3 taco special. The meat was dry and not flavored very well. The flan was good. I would not repeat based on food. But will give them another try and get something else.

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