Pretty Weak Park


This park in Columbia Heights makes me very sad. For I’ll say it, it is sketchy. I wonder if it would be so sketchy if it had a beautiful lawn and was well cared for. I feel like this is something we should rally around. Let me know if you want me to start a campaign of some sort to improve the quality of this park. It is pretty beat, yeah?

Even the sign is ganked…


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  • I thought ganked meant snatched or stolen…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I was wondering if someone would catch that… Yes, but in honesty I really like the way it sounds and I decided to give it a new meaning. What the hell, right? Oh yeah, and I was wicked drunk when I wrote it…

  • Haven’t head ‘ganked’ since about 1990. Do kids still use it? Or ‘ga-ganked’?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Mark it – August 21st, 2008 – the return of ganked to our vernacular. Although now it has a new meaning… But back to the point, what’s up with this park?

  • This park is actually well used, but it also functions as a haven for young criminals. I was held up at gunpoint right across the street from this park and my girlfriend had her purse snatched directly on the other side. The DC police knew immediately the source of the crime. The park sits right in the epicenter of Section 8 housing units. This is a park that, even with a facelift, I would never frequent.

  • Any other DC people remember people calling each other “bama” or “bamas”? Urban dictionary has a pretty good definition. haha Usage: “You’s a bama.”

    As for the park- POP, this is what I just dug up on the internets:

    I assume this means that there will be some sort of renovation taking place?

  • What I love is the old men I used to talk to who used to call each other “farmers.” It was straight out of Bo Diddley’s “You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover.”

    “You think I’m a farmer, but I’m a lover.”

    The term Farmer is definitely the same as Bama. Imagine a guy in a plaid shirt and goofy hat and someone wearing a Sunday Suit telling him he looked like a farmer. It’s hilarious because it’s so true and meaningful because it reflects the 1920s migration from southern farm to detroit factory. ahh our history. It’s painful but sometimes majestic.

    You can count me in on garden repairs, but only if you organize some kind of corporate sponsorship so we don’t buy gardening supplies retail. I want home depot to donate a bag of grass seed.

  • Thanks SG. Nice to see that the OCP can’t even spell ‘solicatation’ correctly… damn that just really got me depressed.

  • SG: I’ve heard it on the bus a lot, usually directed at a poor soul wearing Cowboys colors.

  • Compared to some parks, Girard isn’t that awful. It’s usually full of people during the daylight hours. The only problems that you might have are with groups of older….ahem, “thugs” who hang out by the east side fence.

  • It’s clearly one of the worst I’ve seen, but there are many parks in PoP’s, um, original coverage area that need a complete re-do. We always drive to another part of the city to take the kid to play. It is wrong.

  • This is why I have such a hard time with folks talking abou the need for more open space. I wish they could figure out a way to maintain the parks we have better. It is so sad.

  • If its a DC-DPR park then staff responsible for it probably spend their time honing their diabetes. If its a NPS park then its symbolic of the disadvantages of being a colony (or unrepresented administrative unit within a federalist representative republic if you prefer).

  • I used to buy drugs on 15th St. next to this park when I was in High School. It was a supremely sketchy area in those days and became a total no-go zone when crack hit town. The park has improved marginally since then but it’s still a haven for people who want to beat me up.

  • Look at that grass, trampled beyond any hope… the only difference between this and the 17th and S Street dog park in Dupont is that it isn’t overrun with dogs (and people) sniffing each other’s butts…

  • Let’s get it cleaned up

  • This park isn’t even old, it was built about 5 years ago.

  • No sprinklers. Who designed a grass area without an irrigation system?

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