Perils of a Brick Walkway

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At what point do you start saying, “damn it’s time to mow the bricks?”…

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  • Or spray them with deadly chemicals…

    Always a dilemma. The brick sidewalks in front of my house are new and thus very packed and don’t seem to have this problem. I spend hours from Spring to Fall pulling weeds out of my brick patio, though.

  • Spraying with someting non-deadly like vinegar can do the trick!

  • Round-Up. Not deadly to humans or pets. My daughter accidently consumed some and when we called poison control they said as long as she was not a chlorophyl based life form she would be fine.

  • Chlorohpyl!? More like borophyl!

  • nice pull John! A little coffee just fell out of my mouth!

  • Can I just say this is a huge pet peeve of mine and I am so not a outdoor/yard person. To me so much grass growing in the sidewalk just makes the area look so abandoned/going though foreclosure.

  • Round up will kill the plants there, but a week later, the weeds will be back. I sprayed my neighbors access-way this spring, which had 3 foot tall weeds with a wonderful herbicide called “Sahara”, and nothing has grown there since.

  • i may have mowed the bricks in my backyard once or twice… unconfirmed if i will epf up my mower that way or not.

  • There is no need to purchase expensive and environmentally harmful herbicides to clean up your brick patio. Pour a teakettle of boiling water on the weeds. Or use a creme brulee propane kitchen torch!

  • Boiling water may not kill the weeds. It may be a little extreme or dangerous to use a torch to kill the weeds. If you spray the weeds with a herbicide properly, you could mitigate any potential environmental damage. If you don’t feel comfortable spraying chemicals, I’m sure there are pest companies that can do this service for you.

  • 1 gallon white vinegar + 1 lb table salt + 3-4 drops liquid dish detergent will kill all the weeds and prevent new ones from taking root for all summer. If the salt leaves a residue, it can be rinsed away after the plants begin to die (usually within a day). Be careful using this around plants you want to keep – but excellent for driveways and sidewalks.

  • Vinegar+Salt+soap will kill some weeds. Salt is not really great on concrete. If you’re rinsing off the white residue from your brick walk way, don’t let any of the residue get on surounding desireable plants or grassy areas.

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