New Nepalese And Indian Restaurant Coming to 18th St. in Adams Morgan


Himalayan Heritage will be located right above Kokopoolis at 18th and Kalaroma. At least that’s what the sign says. As was mentioned in a comment yesterday, this spot is where San Marco’s was.  So who can describe Nepalese food? How does it contrast/compare with Indian food?

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  • I can’t help but wonder if it is the same people who had to close at 18th and S to accommodate thte good, new Korean place. Many folks thought the food was so-so, but we liked the weekend spread, and they had wonderful dumpligs, which are a Nepalese speciality.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Remember Red? Well a new rendition of it now popping up in PETWORTH!

    I saw this in the post express today.

    Sam ‘the man’ Burns et al from the good old days of Red are gonna be in the ‘Worth tonite at the Trinidad and Tobago Association Hall- 5123 Georgia Ave NW
    which puts it between Gallatin and Hamilton sts. too bad Wings and Things no moars.

    read more at page 20:

    Petworth – the IT place for the dc underground house music dance scene?

  • I think the place that was further down 18th that David refers to was also called “Himalayan”….I’d bet it’s the same outfit.

  • Anonymous 1:03pm, cpould be, although my wife said she ran into the owner of the former place whiel was working the drive-through window at a Wendy’s in VA. What a shame.

  • Anonymous 1:03pm, could be, although my wife said she ran into the owner of the former place while he was working the drive-through window at a Wendy’s in VA. What a shame.

  • The place on 18th and S was called Mt. Everest. Never made it in there.

  • Nepalese food is a lot like northern indian, only a little more subtle. and they do have those awesome dumplings. glad to see this place is opening; i miss Mt. Everest’s saag dishes.

  • There are lots of similarities between Nepalese and Indian Cuisines. Although, most of the dishes are same, Nepalese appetizers are quite unique and very yummy.
    Nepalese food are less spicy and less greasy than that of INDIAN food. You don’t feel heavy after eating the same dish cooked in nepalese style rather than an Indian way of cooking.
    Although, Nepalese food have been a great success in other part of the world, It is noteworthy to see how the new restaurant that is coming to the adams morgan corridor will present itself to new market.
    There are more than 100 nepalese restaurants in LONDON alone. that could give you an idea to how their food is.

  • Yes, finally the restuarant is opening from today. I just got a call to join the opening ceremony. I am sure I will enjoy it.

  • By the way, Nepalese food is like what Tom says. Sounds like he has good taste of Nepalese food. It is less spicy, less greasy.

  • Nepali food is really good. It is a lot similar to North Indian food but also unique ina lot of ways. You shoudl try MOmO/ dumplings, they are the best. Also try their “Achaar”, its spicy and hot and really yumm. you sure will love Nepali food if you like Indian or any Asian food. Oh the previous nepali restaurant was called “Mt. Everest”, it is not from the same owner. If you ever go to Estes Park, CO, you will find greta nepali restaurants and nepali markets. its awesome. NEPAL is a place to vist and the cuisine is definitely really really good.

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