New Coffee Lounge Coming to U Street


This coffee lounge will be located at 2013 14th Street just a few shops north of Marvins and U Street.

With Busboys and Poets being located not too far away do you think this section of 14th Street will support another coffee bar/lounge?

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  • well Busboys and Poets and Mocha Hut and 14U (though that’s apparently closed again) plus the 2 or 3 Starbucks in the area, I’m leaning towards no. I think it would be more profitable as an out-and-out restaurant or bar.

  • Anything to get some foot traffic onto what is still a very dicey block. Maybe some patrons of a (dry) new establishment will force out the loiterers and bums — it’d be nice to never see a drunk threatening to kick someone’s face in on that section of 14th.

  • It wont be long, CP.

  • I thought this place was actually affiliated with Busboys. Even the lettering is the same as is in the window of Busboys. I could be wrong though.

    As for the vagrants, I agree. It’s mystifying, but I’m guessing it’s due to the presence of Martha’s table. There will be a TON of construction there within the next 2-3 years, with the new buildings going up just up the street. And once people move into the new Union Row flats & warehouse, there will be more people on the streets.

  • The massive homeless shelter on 14th (and s?) is closing fall 2009, that is one of the main reasons for the large amount of homeless people around 14th and u. Not sure if Martha’s table will also move

  • “large NUMBER” of homeless people.

  • I don’t think it’s going to be dry though with words “bar” as well as “lounge” on the window…

    And homeless shelter on 14th and S? I think you mean the Central Union Mission at 14th and R. I too think the reason there are a lot of homeless in between 14th and U and, say, W is Martha’s Table.

  • And Tryst is opening a spot just a bit down on 14th, at around T Street I believe. I suspect Tryst will get more “coffeehouse” type business, and Busboys will sustain the lounge-type crowd. No idea about this new spot, however.

  • I think it’s just Red Lounge expanding to the street level. This was the International Grill, which was already Food, Coffee, Lounge, and Internet. The only thing added is BAR. They closed about a month ago and covered the windows.

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