All Squares Are Parallelograms

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At long last the mystery is solved. Park View and Pleasant Plains are part of greater Columbia Heights. At least that’s what the sign says. Right?

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  • This sign and planting is so sad. I didn’t see the fine folks who made the effort, but within 3 weeks the sign was vandalized and the plants neglected. Some of the plants have risen to bloom – I think tending them will be my neighborhood outreach (in addition to picking up the trash in my alley)

  • this was just used yesterday as the main photo for a email specifically about the “exciting new area columbia heights.” i thought… is this the best photo they had to use? i live near that .. its should be taken down or fixed up. neither would be hard to do. anyone interested in painting it?

  • That corner (Georgia Ave. & Irving) is the border between Columbia Heights, Park View and Pleasant Plains.

    Columbia Heights is on the west side of Georgia. Park View and Pleasant Plains to the East. Park View is to the north of Irving, Pleasant Plains south of Irving.

    That sign is just a sad little monument to the “Three Corners” meeting at that spot.

  • I live east of Ga Ave, on Park Place. The title to my house say “The Park View subdivision of Columbia Heights”, so the legal recognition is Columbia Heights.

  • The title to my house says “Columbia Heights,” even though it’s in Pleasant Plains. My title researcher told me titles to DC property since at least 1997 (and maybe forever) don’t name Pleasant Plains, which is titled under the Columbia Heights designation.

  • from what i understand (and it could be wrong) Pleasant Plains is the name of the “subdivision” (doubt they called it that at the time) of row houses that are all the same style/construction east of georgia on harvard, columbia, irving, kenyon etc.

  • The history of “Columbia Heights” and “Mt. Pleasant” is that the Pleasant family owned all of the land from 18th street to Park Place. Thats where you get Pleasant Plains, and Mt Pleasant. Park View has been referred to as Park View because of its proximity to “Soldiers Home Park”, as stated on maps until the 1960’s. Essentally, Pleasant Plains and Park View are Columbia Heights, and I think Mt. Pleasant is Mt. Pleasant, though it could be Adams Morgan? Right?

  • in six weeks it’ll all be bloody Silver Spring.

  • @Cliff Pleasant Plains and Parkview have only fairly recently fallen out of usage as neighborhood designations. Yes, Columbia Heights, Mt. P and Pleasant Plains are all as a result of the subdivision of a the huge Pleasant Farm tract, but NO, PP is NOT a “subdivision” of CH.

    And the neighborhood names on the plats have been really, really, really, really bad since 1979.

    Pleasant Plains will get its due, I suppose, with the Georgia Avenue Heritage Trail that is in the works . . . also, technically, PP begins at Sherman Avenue.

  • the term “subdivision” has been used for over 100 years. if the neighborhood was platted out with a large swath of undeveloped land.. pretty much all of dc north of florida, it became subdivided at some point, and probably says so on the deed.

    arguing over neighborhood names is so like.. uhh.. 2004

    ; )

    we’re all neighbors baby! it makes a better city that way.

  • you are so correct, Anonymous . . . i’m humbled, neighbor.

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