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  • How about length of time living in the city?

  • how about single, involved married, hot?

  • Favorite Color…just kidding!

    Ethnicity would be interesting
    Gender maybe even?
    Main mode of transportation (bus, bike, walk, metro rail, car, etc)
    Where do you work? (DC, VA, MD)

  • In addition to supporting Sheepy’s suggestion, I’d also propose “Where did you move here from?” So few actually from DC, and even if someone says that they are, it is inevitably VA or MD, never DC itself.

  • Pop- please tell me you are using Google Analytics… this can answer some of your potential questions, it’s VERY easy to use….

  • What neighborhood would you live in if money was not an issue and you could afford a nice house anywhere IN dc?

    Would you support a ban on fast food chains in your neighborhood? y or n

    Would you support being able to carry a concealed weapon (handgun)? y or n

    Would you support ending the building height restrictions in DC? y or n

    I could do this all day.

  • Sherman Circle…I like that one because it is so true!

  • I like the transport one: bus, metro, bike or car, or on foot?

    Length of time in current neighborhood/in the District?

    Ethnicity? Profession?

  • Orientation and income 🙂 together.

  • For the record: Born and raised IN DC, not Mclean DC, and not Bethesda DC either. Actual DC, DC.

  • I suggest putting up a poll to answer this question.

  • Born in DC, moved to the suburbs 10 years later, have been back in DC since after college, 1978.

  • born and raised in dc, left for college. came back. Im such a loser. I should have moved to NY, LA, or Left America, Like the rest of my Kind. Shout out to those of us who are left. We should organize and start a club.

  • IntangibleArts wins.

  • politics
    family situation
    career area (keep it general)
    own vs rent vs have more than 1 property
    are you a homebody or someone who likes to be out on the town?

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