That’s a Pretty Specific Sign

DSCN1390, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I wonder what led to the posting of this sign at El Paraiso on 14th Street?


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  • Well, sounds like some patrons tried to hit on under aged girls. Seems like the obvious explanation.

    Btw, the restaurant is at 14th and Randolph.

  • anyone know if this place is any good? I like the exterior but when I have gone to try it in the past it has always been closed.

  • We live nearby but have never tried it. It is always empty, despite the great location. I keep hoping they will step up to the plate. We still want to try the place across the street. Fairly empty, but they are advertising a good happy hour, so why not? If you want good Salvadorean food, go to La Cabana two blocks down.

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