Target to Get Beer and Wine in the Next Two Weeks

The good folks at New Columbia Heights have let me know that our beer and wine options will soon be expanded. As a prolific drinker I am glad to hear this news. But personally I haven’t had a problem getting beer at the Giant. What I’d really like to know is what folks think about D’Vines. D’Vines, located next to the Starbucks on 14th St, seems like a better option to get wine. Despite having taken a wine class, and barely passing, I always appreciate knowledgeable folks advising me on my wine selections. So what’s the word on D’vines have people been enjoying it? Is it your go to spot for beer and wine or will Target become your go to spot?

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  • I love D’vines. I go there every weekend to get a bottle of Framboise for the roomie and a 6-pack of something for me.

  • I would definitely recommend D’Vines. I have been going there since it opened. The owner suggested a tasty, inexpensive Malbec, which I enjoyed. He also ordered some beer that I requested, and it was available within 2 days. They also allowed me to bring my pup inside (he didn’t get any beer though :P)

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    This is a great shop. I’m very impressed that they carry hard-to-find Argentine labels from vineyards I visited this past Spring such as Senteiner. And they carry Catalan wines from the Penedes region too – such a gem! The prices there are all very reasonable and I do not find them to be any more expensive than what you’d find at standard beer/wine shop or Marvelous Market.

  • D’vines is amazing. I also had a great Malbec there the other week, in addition to all the lovely beer they have. But the wine cubes that target sells are a pretty sweet deal to have around on the fridge.

  • I have found some really good bottles of wine there within, or below, the expected costs. They have a pretty stellar wine and beer selection – far better than anything else in close proximity that comes to ming. Staff was rather helpful when I was in there last in trying to help me fulfill my drinking needs.

  • I think (I am not sure though) that Target bought their license from some corner liquor store – yeah yeah yeah!! Good news in my books.

  • Sheepy’s right, D’Vines has some awesome beers including a lot of Belgians and other big, single bottle beers that are hard to find elsewhere.

    Let’s hope that Ward 1 doesn’t outlaw single beer sales like Ward 2 is trying to so that we can keep drinking them!

  • A fine beer selection at D’Vines that allows me to follow my usual ritual of buying a 6 pack I know I like and another of something I’ve never tried.

    I heard that Wine-Tasting class at Miami was brutal…and it was an evening class so the beginning of your night was shot doing science stuff when you thought you’d just be getting drunk for credit.

  • d’vines is great. pat, the manager, knows his beer (though i would say that i know beer pretty damn well )and also has recommended some good reasonably priced wines to me as well. i guess if i was looking for bud or miller products i would buy them at target but i ain’t. only the high quality brews for me. its d’vines for that.

  • De Vinos, the sister property to D’Vines at the intersection of 18th/Florida/U Streets is fantastic as well. Knowledgeable, friendly staff and they let me bring my dog in–I would recommend both locations!

  • Polly:
    For real. If I stop being able to pick up tasty 750mLs so close to my house, I will be a sad panda indeed.

  • I doubt Target will be able to compete with D’Vines in terms of selection. I go to D’Vines for a $26 bottle of Pinto Noir and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, not Yellow Tail Shiraz and a case of Bud.

    But yeah, I’m in there at least twice a week – it’s also only half a block from my house.

  • Seems like Target and D’vines aren’t really competing for the same business, no?

    I hope the comment about Target buying a license from an existing store is right! I’m all for supporting the local businesses are that add to the community, not so much for the liquor stores that keep our local homeless population pickled.

  • Support your local booze (beer, wine) vendor! I do so prefer my money to go to knowledgeable, happy, helpful, local folks rather than to Target.

  • My most local booze vendor sells malt liquor to drunks before 9AM, so I’ll be taking a “pass” on the supporting local business arena when it comes to liquor.

  • I love having Target — but I also LOVE having these smaller speciality shops in Columbia Heights. I live here and so I suppor these smaller stores. When I need something they do not carry and I know Target does carry — then I will go to Target. But hey come on folks, lets support all of our growng business in Petworth and Columbia Heights — its a good economic investment

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