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park triangle


Does this apartment remind anyone else of the Starship Enterprise? This rental is located in Columbia Heights, which surprised me a bit–I’d expect such an innovative design more in Adams Morgan. But it’s evidence of the gentrification that’s taking place–these are the Park Triangle lofts right across from DC USA.


$2,488 for a two bedroom, two bath on 14th and Kenyon. What do you all think? Maybe it’s just that I’m used to the Columbia Heights of the past–I’ve been in the area for four years–but it’s almost hard for me to believe when looking at the pictures that this is my neighborhood. These are exciting times for sure. More rentals after the jump.



Holy cow! This place is gorgeous–I love the open rooms, particularly the kitchen. You could fit a nice-sized table in there, which I like because that makes the room more conducive to hang out sessions–room for friends to keep you company as you cook. It seems to me that in most of the more social homes I’ve been to the life revolves around the kitchen. Harder to accomplish that without the space.


$2,999 for a four bedroom, three bath in Petworth on 3rd street. There’s also a second kitchen in the basement apartment that has its own private entrance but is integrated with the rest of the house.



What struck me about this studio rental was not so much it’s amenities–although it is a beautiful place (remodeled! upgraded!). What really stuck out was that it advertises as being close to the pool. As the place is located in Adams Morgan I’m assuming that means the free pool at the Marie Reed Rec Center. Has anyone been there? Is this a perk of the Adams Morgan neighborhood? Has it influenced anyone’s decision to move there? I walk by the rec center every day on my way home from work but have sadly never stopped in.


Anyway, $1,466 for the studio on Columbia and 16th. Utilities are included.

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  • I think that first rental looks more like a museum than a house

  • I just moved into Park Triangle last month. So far, it’s a great place. The apartments are very urban and have unique features. The leasing office is really helpful and the roofdeck is AWESOME! Grills, picnic tables and astroturf with lounge chairs. I live in a 1br overlooking a quiet, “zen”-like garden. You don’t even realize you’re in the middle of a city. I really couldn’t ask for anything better. I could do without the constant smell of friend chicken from Pollo Campero, though.

  • I second the roofdeck being awsome. Went up there for the 4th and had a mighty good view of the local fireworks.

  • Kalia, that first pic is the lobby of Park Triangle, not a unit 🙂 .

  • Marie Reed is ok. For example, it’s a free swimming pool in a good neighborhood. However, the locker rooms leave much to be desired. Showering is communal. If you should want to plug in an electrical device (razor, hair dryer) there are ZERO outlets

  • Every condo in that building smells like fried chicken, as does the rooftop. The loft units are tiny and the finishes are not top grade. It has all the elements of a luxury loft building but doesn’t execute well. For that price, in that neighborhood, I would expect a lot more.

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