Red Rocks Switches to Park Benches

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Didn’t Red Rocks used to have regular tables in the outdoor area? I wonder if they were influenced by Wonderland. What do you think, do you prefer picnic tables to proper tables? I can appreciate picnic tables but I think when I’m out to eat a meal I prefer to have a back on my chair. What about you guys?

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  • It’s likely due to their tables and chairs being stolen &/or the hassle of having to chain them up every night to keep them from being stolen.

  • I like ’em. Of course, this place can do no wrong: Abieta Tubro Dog.

  • I don’t really prefer one over the other, so if they make it easier on the staff, fantastic.

    I do have salami issues with them though (stop it…). They changed their salami, which has brought my beloved Tuscano down a peg or two from its standing as my favorite pizza in the universe.

    Redrocks, please bring back the salami you used to use. Please. For me?

  • picnic benches are very uncomfortable and low-class. I think it’s too bad, but I guess there are other pizzarias in the hood now.

  • I think the tables were better and more comfortable. However, that was probably one of the problems; people (like me) sitting for an hour or so enjoying a few drinks and enjoying being on my block at an outdoor cafe.

  • Keep in mind that the chairs they did have weren’t that comfortable, and the tables were kind of flimsy and rickety, so I don’t think these tables are a downgrade. But maybe I’m just low-class 🙂

    At least they’re not communal. That’s one trend of which I am not a fan. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for people watching and giggling as you overhear hilarious sound bites about NGO’s and fixed gear conversions from from hapless hipsters at Wonderland, sometimes I like a bit more privacy.

  • ugggh. ugly and uncomfortable and make the space feel more crowded. Bad move.

  • Totally miss the old chairs, not digging the picnic benches at all. I always manage to fall over myself when trying to stand up from them.

  • I’m not a fan of these for this place. I enjoy the ability to lean back (and not fall) when indulging on some delicious pizza and cold beer.

  • For the price I’m paying for a pizza and pint I want something a bit classier than wood benches.

  • I really like Red Rocks. Frankly I wish there were more neighborhood spots of their caliber. They have great food, good wines, and great service. I even like their clientele. Red Rock is definitely doing something right. If I were I not concerned with my wallet & waistline; I would eat there more often.

    Hell I can dine inside of the restaurant if I want a real chair and table!

    PS. The Sweet Mango Café could take a lesson or two.

  • they arent even wood are they? they look like they are rubbermade.

  • i think the benches could look better, but i do like the idea of them better than the little cafe sets they had… as someone not built on the hipster frame (oh the humanity..i cant where ball busting skinny jeans :o) i never find those things comfortable.

    and speaking of sweet mango..we had that for the first time last week and i almost died on the bones a couple of times… definitely wasnt expecting that much danger inbedded in something so deliciously inviting and comforting!

  • The benches are all about fitting more people on the patio. I understand that – it’s just too bad they are so ugly.

  • I hate those. They look cheap.

    Also, I am less than flexible at the moment, and those are SO hard to get up and down from. Not handicapped accessible for sure.

  • I was there this weekend and we sat outside on the benches–really enjoyed it!~

  • Hmm. Pesto

  • i am anti-bench myself. went to Looking Glass recently (hadn’t been there since it converted from Temperance Hall) and was unpleasantly surprised to have the benches in the beer garden. Are outdoor benches the new mango chutney salsa? They are springing up at all my fave places to eat!

  • more people fit around a picnic table than a four top – I’m all for fitting more people outside

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