New Cafe Coming to 9th Street


I saw some work going on this weekend at EXPO located at 1928 9th Street. One of the workers said that there is a restaurant upstairs that is already open and there will be a cafe opening up on the first floor. The goal is to open by this Wednesday. This is the middle of “Little Ethiopia” so I assume the restaurant is Ethiopian. I should’ve investigated more. I’m pretty psyched to see what the cafe is going to look like though.

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  • What’s the letter street around 1900 block?

  • It’s on the block between T St. & U St./Florida Ave., next door to El Sol de America (which you can see a little of to the right in the picture). I’ve noticed them doing a lot of work on it recently and was wondering what it was going to be – thanks PoP!

  • Yet more ethiopean food..oh yay..cant wait…not.

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