Modern Renovation in the Middle of More Traditional Rowhouses


What do you think about this renovation? I can’t help but notice the contrast and the lack of porch. Thumbs up or down?

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  • Thumbs down. Looks hospital sterilized.

  • I’m assuming that no one would willingly build a house this ugly and out of place in the neighborhood. Therefore the old one must have burned down and this was all the owners could only afford to build.

  • It does seem out of place, and some more definition of the front would have been nice (like a covered entry) but I do like it. Isnt the eclectacism of it essentialy what this part of town is becoming all about though?

  • I like it a lot. I would have gone with a bold color. Also, bigger, more modern, more distinctive windows would have really made this great.

  • better than some siding-covered p.o.s.

  • I kind of like the individualism of the look they chose (the same house/porch combo over and over again can get kind of boring, at least I think so), but if they weren’t going to go with a covered porch they should have put in some kind of front patio set-up instead. One of my neighbors appears to have done with with their Mt.P rowhouse (brick front patio not covered, with wrought iron railing around the edges) for a pretty nice effect.

  • i bet it has stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Well, not having a porch means it’ll make it more difficult for me to climb in the open window there and steal all their Yanni CD’s… so I don’t like it.

  • they should take a cue from the house of the day, june 18th… add some color, fix up the courtyard, throw in some outdoor decor.. basically give it some life, and then it would be a lot better

  • That’s awful because it is so out of place.

  • I agree with cristobal.. if they’d done something more interesting with the paint job (couldn’t the TRIM at least be a different color? even just beige, for crying out loud!) I’d like it a lot.

  • Hmm. Guess where the white people live?

    I don’t necessarily dislike it, but they should add a porch or something so that they can socialize with the neighbors.

  • totally disagree with all of you. would you prefer it look exactly like the houses on both sides of it and exactly like every house on the block? red brick with white trim? The windows are awesome and i like the toned down color.

  • Anyway, I am with Nate. I much prefer to this some sad attempt to look old.. Btw, AFAIK, there is quite a bit of debate of debate on this in the architect community: whether to try to renew old style, or be distinctly modern. I am usually more for the latter. Of course its not that black and white (btw, Oregonian, WTF is that supposed to mean?). And part of that debate is that you can be modern but not out of scale etc. This house here is a good example: its modern, but is not completely at war with the surroundings. E.g. the windows are in scale compared to what is there already. The more I look at the picture the more I like the house! 🙂

  • i’ll say wtf oregonian also..why tf is race ever in these discussions? about the stlye of a house for f’s sake..

  • Guess that’s where the white people live is not serious comment about race. When I read it I thought it was funny. But yeah, they forgot a porch. Not to be dumping on someone’s house, I bet it’s nice inside.

  • i suppose it’s not, it irks me though maybe nothing to do with the comment here

  • ugly as hell, if you ask me, and it has RUINED the flow of that row, but hell, it could have been a lot worse. that’s the fun part about DC, we pine for better than bad.

    why couldn’t they have rebuilt to match!?

  • IMGoph, thank god they did not. Nothing worse than fake Disneyland imitiation-old.

  • I don’t get it- asking for individualism and fair by saying it should look like all the other houses? Wouldn’t matchy matchy be more boring than anything? Does not compute.

  • Anyone know the address of this place, and the listing realtor – it looks like it’s for sale. I like the simplicity of its lines, wish there were more of these around.

  • I don’t think it looks that bad as far as the architecture goes, but the lack of a porch is a glaring oversight. These things are there for a reason, folks! Ever been fumbling for your keys while the rain drenches you in a summer downpour? No es bueno. And we’re in DC. It’s hot as balls. Who wants to sit on their front stoop and bake in the sun.

    Plus it just looks wrong without one in the row. I think modern architecture can be well integrated with the old stuff, and in fact can look really good – but you have to keep at least the basics even if the style is different.

  • The address is 918 Euclid St NW. Live on the block and have seen the inside…very nice! So, its the second nicest house on the block!!!

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