Laundry Time by Tina


I’m a relative newbie to the world of Laundromats, save for one visit sometime in 2004 to a terrible place in Silver Spring that was so gross I felt like my clothes were actually more dirty when I left. Fortunately, I’ve always lived in a place that had laundry facilities. I still do, but after discovering that my duvet cover was too much for the machines in my apartment building to handle, I was on my way to Mount Pleasant Street for a laundry adventure!

I’ve been curious about the Laundromats for a while. Is it cheaper or faster than doing laundry in my building? Are they as awful as that place in Silver Spring? Who uses them? So many questions! So I took a trip to Laundroland, at 3215 Mount Pleasant Street, to find out.

The only other option was Pan American (3127 Mount Pleasant St) since it seems that Speed Wash, over by Hobart St., has closed. I’m not sure when that happened. Laundroland doesn’t have video games like Pan American does, but it’s bigger, has more seating, has AC, and seemed to be doing a bit more business. It’s also open 24 hours, which might be a nice perk for some.

I spent a few minutes wandering around since there are so many different sized machines and I wasn’t sure which one I wanted. There are toploaders that cost $2, and commercial washers at various sizes, costing $6, $4, $3, and $2 per load. In total I’d say there are about 50 machines, and only 6 were out of service – not bad! I finally settled on a $3 “Speed Queen” washer, though I probably could have used the smaller one. Sixteen minutes later (Speed Queen, indeed!) I was ready for the dryer. I only had one item, but even the small machines are HUGE. You could probably fit two loads into one easily. The dryers get super hot too, so at 7 minutes/$.25 I was able to dry my laundry for one dollar.

Overall, it was a pretty pleasant experience. It was clean, there were two employees inside, I was in and out in 45 minutes and it only cost me $4. I brought my own supplies, but they sell detergent, bleach and softener and there’s a change machine. It wasn’t too crowded either, but that could be because I went on a weeknight right after work. The convenience of doing laundry at home wins out for me, but if you don’t have a laundry room, I’d recommend Laundroland.


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  • For Petworth residents I recommend the new laundromat on Upshur near El Limeno. Our old neighbor runs it and he is really friendly and the place is small but nice. They have a bunch of various sized washers and dryers. There is a wall mounted TV to help pass the time and a few seats as well as folding tables and laundry push carts. They have a change machine and also sell detergent if you don’t have your own. His friend also sells his artwork there which gives the place a little decoration instead of the usual sparse white walls of other laundromats. While you wash your clothes you can easily grab a bite at the Hitching Post, El Limeno or a snack at the corner store.

  • neighbors of the Hobart St laundromat have reported sketchy behavior there for years. The lower end of MtP street needs a major overhaul (but keep Ercilias!)

  • Long live Laundroland!

  • im not sure of the story here … i believe a a dining establishment or bar or both..wanted use of this space but various mt pleasant assns. made the entire process prohibative ..maybe another mt pleasnt resident can fill in more info.

  • Does anyone remember the diner/Pho restaurant that preceded Laundroland? It was some of the best pho in the area considering there aren’t many options in the Mt.P/admo/CH/Petworth neighborhoods. Changes *sigh* 😉

  • Thanks for the tip Tina! Now i know where to take my sofa cover, blue flip flops, and duvet! You always provide such excellent advice and tips!

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