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  • I looked at this place in March while house/condo hunting. When we went to put a bid on it, we found out it had just gone under contract. It was for the best though, because I LOVE the place we got. Anyway, it is actually not a 2 family home. I can’t remember, but I feel like there was one condo per front door per floor…so I guess that would make it 6 units (or maybe 5 if the 3rd floor is one condo). I may be wrong.

    The place I looked at was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and was listed at $379k. The bathrooms and kitchen were amazing – great finishings. Everything looked very high end and was well thought out in design.

  • I’ve been in these. Each level is one 2BR 2BA unit. They were listed as 1200sf but the third floor was more like 1025sf. Small bedroom but nice finishes. Kitchen’s were off the hook. The range hoods alone had to be ~$5K.

  • Oh and the name of the condo is the Monticello….which I loved the sound of.

  • I like it, the color is a little ugly but it sounds nice. I wonder tho, how well insulated against sound they are from each other. I live in a shared rowhouse (3 floors) and you can hear almost anything that goes on in the house from any room.

  • have driven by this one a lot and I just can’t get over the wavy railings; just a bit too much, really.

  • My next door neighbor put in wavy railings and I thought the same thing, until he explained it keeps people from setting on your stoop.

    Now they all sit on my stoop.

  • Hey PoP, a mutual friend of ours actually lives in this building. The construction is average to slightly above average for this type of renovation. Four units went at the above mentioned prices.

  • I’ve passed this house many times and have commented about how it’s much better than the usual pop-up…it looks from the outside like quality construction. Just wish that every renovation went this well…which reminds me, does anyone know what’s going on with the monstrosity at New Hampshire & Upshur (the house wiht the vinyl popup that doesn’t even fit the house underneath). I’ve been hoping for a foreclosure…and maybe for someone to buy it for super cheap and tear off that popup!!

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