Got To Appreciate The History


I don’t think this building is a grocery store anymore but I love the fact that they kept the sign. It looks fantastic, yeah? If I were going to open a grocery store that’s without a doubt the name I would choose.

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  • Awesome. Do you remember where that is? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

  • this is on the southwest corner of 10th and O streets in shaw. you can see it from the roof deck PoP posted about earlier.

  • Not to be nitpicky, but at least by Logan Circle Community Association boundaries, 10 and O NW is in Logan Circle 🙂 (west of 9th street NW is Logan)

    FYI, the bottom of the building looks like a complete and total dump!

  • i think it’s tremendous

  • i love this picture! thank you for noticing and posting.

  • of course, loganmo, the signs say “shaw historic district” once you get east of 11th street.

    logan’s a sub-neighborhood of shaw, if you ask me. it’s all details….

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