Council Member Muriel Bowser Responds to Yes! Organic Market Inquiries

“We are working on a solution to immediately deal with the situation for Yes! Organic Market.  We, of course, look forward to this great business opening on Georgia Avenue.  In discussions with the Yes! owners and ANCs, we’re on the right track to getting this done.  We will keep you posted.”

Ed. Note: My sources are telling me that there should be some very positive developments being announced soon.

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  • Great! Hopefully we’ll hear some good news soon.

  • WHEW!!!!

  • Sounds promising, but so far has to be classified under “politician talk”.. let’s hope for the best anyway! 🙂

  • Aw, I felt all special this morning when I got an email from Muriel. Obviously it was the exact same language, cut and paste. Still, i guess I should be happy she is taking the time to respond.

  • Sorry, hit “submit” too soon. I am also glad that this situation appears to be moving forward and being resolved. The Yes! is going to be just 2 blocks from my house and we’re really looking forward to having it!

  • If this is true, then I am elated!!

  • i’m honestly a little intrigued about your “sources”. are people in the councilmember’s office giving you information that the rest of the citzenry is not privy to? if so, does that make you feel a little uneasy knowing that the democratically elected members of our government could be withholding information from some of their constituents and giving it to others?

    if you get “inside” info, doesn’t that mean that developers bidding on projects might be getting inside info as well? care to comment?

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