A Bit Extreme, No?


I understand not wanting to get your ladders stolen but doesn’t this effectively ruin your backyard? It looks like a cage. Terrible.

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  • At least it is of a very tasteful wrought iron construction.

  • It’s awful, but I wonder who in their neighborhood drove them to do that?

  • Free the Ladders! No ladders, no peace!

  • With that many ladders, I’m betting this is a contractor’s house. Could also be that they need a protected parking spot for a work vehicle. If I had things I relied on to make my living and had to store them outside in this neighborhood, you can bet I’d have something akin to this, too.

  • thier living

  • Maybe he is putting on a production of “West Side Story” for his neighbors.

  • I agree with Anon 2:53. It looks like something my dad would create- function over form.

  • It doesn’t just look like a cage. I do believe that is, in fact, a cage.

  • That’s our back alley, right across from the vacant property that it took *years* to get someone to clear the crack fiends out of.

    The edifice in the photograph has been growing gradually over the years–started out as just a fence; then a roof, and so on. The guy has a lot of bikes and at least one motorbike, so I assume he’s protecting those – none of these houses has a garage.

    It is a bit of a monstrosity though. Wish he’d just suck it up and build a damn garage.

  • i’d buy a set of scaffolding if i had that in my backyard.
    maybe get a scooter too. ; )

  • now we know where they are bringing everyone when Guantanamo shuts down.

  • Two words…Cage Match

    When they are not storing bikes…

    Welcome to the world’s most dangerous DC Cage Match, where two mighty teams of DC residents take the stage to prove who is the best of the best in the alley.

    This is not an exhibition. This is a no-holds-barred competition. The audience determines the winner each week. The winner returns the following week to defend their title against a new challenger.


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