Taylor and Georgia Ave Development Watch

DSCN0520, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For the expats. This picture was taken all the way up by Upshur. I really had no idea these condos were going to be, seemingly, nearly as big as the condos above the Petworth metro. This is also the building where the YES! Organic market will be located. Nice.

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  • I’m pretty sure those are going to be affordable apartments, not condos.

    Anybody else find the pattern of building odd- after the base (concrete) levels, the steel’s been only going up on the south side of the building- not much happening north of the front stairwell/elevator shaft

  • The Shell statoin just north of this construction site was also supposed to be developed. Anyone know anything about it?

  • In response to the question about the Shell location, the project is on hold, given the current market.

  • I am not sure that a Yes! Organic market would best fit the demographics of that neighborhood. More like another YUMS! carry out would be more fitting.
    It won’t last long. The Yes! Should have gone to Columbia Heights

  • Isayaah…well, before they built the condos and DCUSA project in Columbia Heights, would you have said that it would be demographically appropriate to build anything in Columbia Heights??

    I assure you the Yes will be very popular. I live two blocks away from the one under construction, and do all my grocery shopping by driving to the Yes in Brookland. There is a ton of development planned for Petworth, and the Yes will be only one of many new businesses in Petworth that share nothing in common with crappy carry outs. Good riddance to them.

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