Sweet City Mosque

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Well I’ve finally hit all three monotheistic religions. Pretty cool that they got there own street name too.

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  • This was a former Nation of Islam temple back in the day. When Elijah Muhammad died in 1975, and his son took over the Nation-he, Wallace Muhammad-embraced orthodox (Sunni) Islam….Most African American Muslims are not members of the Nation. I add this fact because, as you may know-there are many half truths and -well, outright
    -uh-falsehoods about Islam… Ask Barack Obama…

  • So I’m curious, is islam being anti-woman a half-truth, falsehood, or something else? I don’t believe religious doctrine is an acceptable excuse for bigotry.

  • glad to see the church – wish it looked nicer

  • Erin – there is as much variety in Islam as there is in any religion.

    And so, the answer is:
    Some Muslims are antiwoman, some are not. There is no one answer.

  • Some people who consider themselves Muslim are anti-woman, as are many atheists-Catholics-on and on..
    I have had many discussions with people about things like, say, hijab-the “role” of women in the religion, etc.
    There are many cultures/societies that use (or misuse) religion as an excuse for the subjugation of women-including this one.
    One could certainly argue that modest clothing has been (and still is) used for the aforementioned subjugation-men dictating what women should look like.
    Do women here really decide/detirmine standards of femininity? (cleavage, 24/7 fiip flops, etc)
    All these male designers…. Just an observation

  • i hear those anti-women muslims are also called homosexuals, apparently islam has those too, as much as the president of iran denies it

  • Are you assuming that to be homosexual is to be anti-woman? Isn’t that a bit like assuming that Muslim =terrorism? Or white=racism?

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