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I guess they must be diehard Express fans.

Ed. Note: There is a chance I may have taken a photo of this sign before but I couldn’t find it on the site. So I consulted with a friend who said if I can’t remember it most people won’t remember it either. But I do apologize if I already posted this one. I swear I’ll quit sniffing glue on Monday.

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  • The funny thing is that the Examiner is actually a rather conservative rag. They’ve had major trouble with their circulation though. They repeatedly rip off their delivery people (classify ’em as independent contractors to avoid wage laws) and encourage delivery to EVERYONE. It’s a mess of a paper.

  • It’s probably nothing personal, but rather it’s the only free paper that gets delivered unsolicited to their house. They’re just one of those cranks who has to find something to get upset about, and having to pick up and throw away a paper once a month is the best they got.

    Kind of like those houses with “no solicitors” signs. I remember being told long ago by someone who did door-to-door sales that those houses are, in fact, the place you’re most likely to make a sale. Hmm. Does anyone do legit door-to-door sales any more? I’ve had people try to sell me junk that’s obviously a scam (e.g. some catalog of crap that looks about 26 years old) but when’s the last time someone knocked on your door an tried to sell you a vacuum cleaner?

  • It’s not once a month, it’s a daily. An unwanted paper every day adds up to huge piles of waste. Not only that, I spoke with some delivery people awhile back and even though “customers” would repeatedly request in person that they not be delivered to, the Examiner instructed the delivery drives to continue to deliver to every house. It’s really silly.

  • i consider it littering and appalling. what a waste. i let them pile up on my driveway for a week and the delivery guy got the idea.

  • All right, point taken, daily is annoying. I didn’t realize that. But still, putting signs like that up automatically brands you as a curmudgeon who also does things like scheduling in-person meetings with their senator to complain about the price of gas. Dealing with free papers is no different than junk mail… just get over it, stop worrying, and throw ’em away. Your blood pressure will be better and you will live longer.

  • Do you all get the Examiner? I don’t, never have, and know that they zone where they deliver, and we don’t fit the criteria.

  • When I lived on Capitol Hill, many houses had notes on their fences asking for the paper to not be delivered. In some cases, they’d leave the paper on the fence in a plastic bag with the note.

  • If you go out of town, the pile of papers lets everyone know that your house is unoccupied.

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