Organic Smoothies Not Just for Gym Members!


I don’t why but I thought this was a funny sign. I realize they are saying that just because the cafe is located in a gym doesn’t mean you have to be a member of the gym to enjoy the cafe. I guess it’s a good thing. So anyone from the community know if it is a good cafe. Good to know there is free wifi. Incidentally, the other sign said if you join now the summer is free. So anyone a member of Mint in Adams Morgan? Is this a good gym?  Sign for the free summer membership after the jump.


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  • I’ve been a member of MINT for nearly 2 yrs; I joined when the gym first opened. Members enjoy top of the line equipment, mint/cucumber infused water and towels, and at $100+ per month for membership, it’s quite exclusive. It doesn’t attract the meatheads of Golds or the cruisy-ness of Results.

  • Used to be a member pre-WSC. Pleasant, very attractive, well-maintained, and never too crowded, but EXPENSIVE (90-100 per month) especially for a place with no basketball, pool, hot tub, squash, or other special features …

  • I’m not a member, but I’ve eaten at the cafe and the food is pretty good — also a bit pricey for cafe food, but definitely healthy and organic.

  • $100 a month?!?? Are you NUTS? That’s absolutely the most insane price I have ever heard. I think $30 a month is steep. I don’t get paying that much money for a gym, especially one that you have to share with other people. My brother lived in Amsterdam while in school, gym membership: $20 a month and included free personal training. And they were all like that. There’s not reason to spend that kind of money on a gym unless you want to just flaunt your conspicuous consumption.

    I generally perfer to take weightlifting classes through Parks and Rec, you get one on one attention and the cost is like $30 a semester.

    People have more money than brains I think.

  • Christopher, can you send info on the Parks and Rec deal? Is that a DC thing?

  • Park Road- just check out the DC Parks and Rec Web site. They have all sorts of cool sounding classes. A LOT are for youth or seniors, but there are plenty for “adults” too.
    Here’s a link to the classes and activity registration database. Most of these things are free for residents or have a nominal fee.|32353|

    I wish they had cycling classes (maintenance, safety, training etc), but for now, I’m happy with the selection.

  • Parkwood – The Washington Area Bicycle Association [WABA] has free bicycle safety/training classes and City Bikes in Adams Morgan has bike maintenance classes. I think they’re all free too:
    WABA Classes:
    City Bikes Repair Classes:

  • Yes, I confirm the free wifi at Mint is a good deal — no fees.
    I was also a Mint gym member until the WSC!

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