New Row of Rowhomes Being Built


Wow, this was a crazy sight. As I was walking over to the Red Derby I noticed that there was an entire section of rowhomes being built behind the huge project above the metro. Anyone know the story here? Is this a separate developer? You think this will be a desirable place to buy a new rowhome? I wonder if they’ll divide the rowhomes into separate units or sell the rowhomes as individual homes. What do you think the prices’ll be?

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  • The rowhouses were in the original plan. Same developer.

  • Prices will be sky high. They don’t build affordable housing in NW anymore. The land prices alone makes housing unaffordable for anyone under 40K in this area.

  • There’s no way I would buy. They wouldn’t stand up quality-wise compared to old row homes.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    They are part of the master plan for Park Place – which is the name of the project directly above the Petworth metro. They’re going to be split up into condos and i believe parking’s included. I like how the architecture is within the context of the other homes on this block of 9 st nw.

    Considering how expensive gas is, and how it continues to rise, paying market rate to be in a NEW home right next to the metro would be a relative bargain! Would you rather pay the same price for a gawd-awful place out in Hernon or Azzburn VA??? Their very location alone would pretty much guarantee that these units will keep their value compared to those exurban developments.

  • The cost of gasoline and energy is likely to result in our becoming a much less automobile centered culture over the next 100 years. Public transportation, slower and more fuel efficient cars will become the norm. The smart money now is on urban and closer suburban real estate of any kind. Some predict that many distant and disconnected suburbs will be blighted in 40-50 years same as the cities were in the mid-late 20th century.

  • IF they go ahead with the six-feet under Safeway rennovation, they will be much more valuable. But it looks to me like there will be very little sunlight.

  • Well done! Those will fit in nicely! You know that some groups of immigrants (esp from India) want to live in a brand-new home. A colleague told me about this. I’m not sure if it’s a reaction to the hygienic practices of people born in the USA or if it’s socioeconomic, i.e. Indian people with lots of money setting the bar high. Anyway, “historic” would mean “dingy” or “drab”.

  • Yes that Safeway needs to be torn down completely and replaced with a larger more inclusive Giant. The day when Whole Foods comes to GA ave is the day when the GA parade will end

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