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I thought we’d keep this week’s Friday question of the day a little bit on the lighter side. Although let me be clear for me personally this subject is of the utmost seriousness. So let me thank a reader for sending me the news that my beloved Budweiser may be purchased by a Belgian company. The story can be found here. So I have two questions, firstly, will this destroy Bud as we know it? Secondly, what is your favorite domestic beer if not Bud and why? I truly and honestly believe there is no rival to Bud. I’m not saying it’s my favorite beer I’m just saying it’s my favorite domestic beer (excluding microbrews). So for all those who love Belgian beers will this change your opinion of Bud? While we are on the topic, what’s the best Belgian beer out there?

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  • What has worsened my opinion of Bud was its release of B to the E energy beer and Chalada (beer plus clamato). What is with the gimmicks? I thought they would have learned their lesson with Bud Dry and Bud Ice (which they still have on tap in their breweries, and yes, they still taste like sweaty butt crack). Even worse, the tour guide at the brewery didn’t even know who Spuds McKenzie was. I’m sorry, I don’t care how many grain ricebarleywheat you use–I can’t even count how many six packs I drank as a ten year old, hoping that one day that Spuds would find his way to my house. Augustus Busch the First would be rolling in his grave if he weren’t floating in a vat of the yet to be released Bud Embalmada in St. Louis…

  • seriously? sell a-b to a brewer from malawi for all i care. good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • IMHO, Bud is a crap beer. If there is a domestic that I love, it is Shiner. But I’m from Texas so maybe I’m biased.

  • I have never liked Budweiser, it’s always tasted generic to me. I think Sam Adams has to be the best non-micro brew domestic beer, hands down. Does Yuengling still count as a micro-brew?

  • Abeita Turbo dog at Red Rocks is pretty much all I’ll drink. God I love that beer. It’s basically cold coffee. Actually, I can only imagine Turbo Dog and Community Coffee (New Olreans blend) mixed together. Sorry for my off topic reply, I’m just really enjoying that thought right now! Just a bit home sick I guess.

  • Seriously…it’s crap. In the slap fight between Miller and Bud, I’ll take Miller anytime. Any my beer workhorse is Yuengling. I know a lot of people don’t like it as well, but it’s perfect when I just want a few cheap, tasty beers.

  • I once had an hour-long lecture by a master brewer about why Budweiser is one of the best beers in the world. And I truly have to respect it, especially since learning why that is. Thing is, selling Budweiser probably won’t change anything in a practical manner (although losing an historic American company does have that emotional impact). Miller is owned by a South African company, and that hasn’t changed them much. But, anyways, I like Budweiser and will likely continue to drink it even if it is sold. I doubt they would change the recipe, as it is a classic Czech-style beer (more classic, actually, than most actual Czech beers), which is not that similar to the Belgians.

    And Hoegaarden is the best Belgian beer, in my humble opinion.

  • Cindy McCain is an Anheuser-Busch distributor. If the Belgians buy AB, will she have to register as a foreign agent?

  • There’s no accounting for taste, but…

    Not to blow my regional horn again, but being a native of the Willamette valley in Oregon, I know a thing or two about good beer. I’m also a fan of the $5 six pack, as it seems all good beers were $5-6 in Portland when I was in high school.

    Anyway, when I moved to the midwest for the poverty of grad school, I couldn’t find a six pack with decent hops for under $8. Forced to experiment with macros, my favorite by far became Miller High Life.

  • Bud light is only good if you’ve been out in the woods clearing brush all day- or are otherwise so tired and thirsty that it seems refreshing. Or if it’s free.

    My cheap domestic beers of choice are Rolling Rock (though I admit, mostly just for the bottle because it features two of my favorites- green and horses) and Hamm’s. But sadly, you can’t get Hamm’s in these parts.

  • Two words: High Life. That’s all.

  • Well, it will be interesting since AB, Budweiser and Busch are all American Icons. It will be interesting if congress gets involved to stop this similar to France stopping a US companies purchase of Evian.

    Bud is the only beer that I know of that actually tastes better coming out of a can than a bottle and possible the tap, too.

    As for best US brew (ignoring micro-brews) it is Yeungling followed by Sam Adams.

  • Parkwood Peeps – I too love Hamm’s, but haven’t been able to find it on the east coast. Wanna go on an extended beer run w/ me. As for other cheap Milwaukee beers, I also enjoy a good 15 pack of Stroh’s gold tops (my wife is from the disinherited line of the Stroh family, but I can’t hold that against the beer). Do stores sell Natty Boh in DC–I dig the pringles looking guy and have watched a bit too much of The Wire not to try it?

  • for big company breweries it’s all about sam adams. bud is some nasty sht and is only to be had when desperate. well actually, bud is better than yeugling, the skunkiest beer ever, i don’t know how people drink it. as for micro-brews, the list is way too long.

  • GO JOSE CUERVO!! BOO BUDWEISER!!! well i’ve tried it and im a straight liquor fanatic…sorry guys!

  • I would be interested in hearing the talking points of why a master brewer rates Budweiser as one of the best beers in the world. Is rating by profit part of the metric?

  • miller lite represent!

  • Hoegaarden is owned by InBev – the mega brewing company that wants to buy Anheuser Busch. In fact it is not even brewed in Hoegaarden any more. It is brewed at a mega brewery much like Busch products.

  • Budwiser is beer like Dick Chanye is a philanthropist.

    Seriously, budwiser is garbage and it will probably always be.
    People who like beer don’t drink bud. Bud is for people who want to consume the alcochol but not the beer.

    If you want something “refreshing” and “crisp” try gatorade.
    If you want a good beer try Southern Tier or Dogfish Head.

    And another thing.
    You go into a bar, and there is “Variety” on tap.

    Budwiser – Lager
    Sam Adams – Lager
    Yungeling – Lager
    Coors – Lager
    Miller – Lager
    Pabst – Lager

    And how can we forget the “lite” variety of all of these.

    Anyway.. the point is this. If you are deciding which you like better, Miller or Budwiser or even Sam Adams, you are deciding between Burger King and McDonalds and you don’t realize that there is a Morton’s Steakhouse nearby.

  • Dominion Lager is my new house beer of choice. both the lager and the ale are good AND its locally brewed which makes it green….

  • I would like to correct myself. InBev wanted to close the brewery in Hoegaarden, but relented when the town protested.

    I knew this discussion would bring out the beer snobs. People – drink the beer you like. It really is not anyone elses business! I can’t beleive anyone would really care what I like to drink or spend on beer. So what if I like bud. So what if I like Schinder Aventinus. Doen’t anyone else have anything better today than to pontificate about beer? Drink and enjoy what ever you like!

  • John- I’ve investigated Hamm’s and found that they don’t distribute out here at all, so its a lost cause. I’d love to go on a beer run, but we’d probably be driving to Idaho or so, and with gas prices what they are, Natty Boh’s might be a better option. They DO sell it here. In fact, they’ll serve it to you for a mere $2/can at the Red Derby.

    10:52 Anon- I went through a time in my life where I drank “good” beer, but for some reason, those days kind of waned. Maybe I’m just not a beer person, because for my dollar/calorie/alcohol consumption, I’d rather have a nice glass of wine than a nice beer. Or maybe its because all of the microbrews that I liked in the Seattle/Portland area aren’t to be found over here. I’m still in the mood for a beer every once in a while, but perhaps its more for the sentimental value more than the taste profile. So in my case, I think I’m fully aware that a hypothetical Morton’s Steak House is nearby, but rarely find myself in the mood for a steak.

    PoP: Just my two cents, but – especially on a lovely day like today- I think this is a much better Friday question of the Day than say, something about crime, gentrification etc. Thumbs up!

  • Favorite cheap beer: Tecate
    Favorite beer: oh, probably Chimay.

  • Hey anonneemooo – Not to burst your bubble, but Anheuser-Busch owns Dominion now. They purchased it last year in a joint venture with Maryland based Fordham Brewing. That should not change your tastes, however.

    Best Belgian beer – Westvleteren Trappist (12). You have to go to the actual abbey to purchase it, however.

    As far as macrobrews, I won’t drink them. First, they taste terrible to me, and they are not really offering anything special. Craft brews are my preference because of the taste and my appreciation of the actual creation. I have met a lot of small-time brewers and they truly love their craft and the ability to offer something different, or just simply being able to make what they want to make. To me, supporting them is worth the $8-$10-$12 for a six pack because you are getting real quality.

    Also, if I can get trashed off of 3-4 great tasting beers that are 8%-11%, then paying $10 for the sixpack gets me at least two good buzzes. With a macrobrew at $6 a sixpack, I would have to up to 10 of them to get drunk, which will cost over $12 (after tax). So, drinking craft beers gets you drunk faster at a cheaper overall price. Honestly, isn’t that always the goal?

  • How cool that there are so many posts to this question of the day. At least we all know what is important in life 🙂 Chimay is the best Belgian beer, hands down and believe me I have had a lot of Belgian beer while in Belgium! As far as domestic, I love Yeungling and Rolling Rock. Being from PA, I don’t think there ever was any doubt what my favorite beer is.

  • yuengling! i’m from philly and can’t get enough of my hometown brew. and i just tried their light lager—extremely good for a light beer. woo!

  • Man Rolling Rock brings back found memories of college. 40 cent draft nights were Tuesday and Thursdays. Okay the memories are fuzzy – but at least I remember how much I paid!

  • to Steve – did you go to Penn State? Just curious

  • The Champagne of Beahs: High Life! (bottles only…)

  • leave it to somebody from Philthy to say yuengling is a hometown beer….pottstown is not in, or even all that close to Philthy

    that’s like somebody from Pittsburgh saying that rolling rock is a hometown beer….now iron city, that’s another story

  • Dogfish Head – Raison D’Etre

  • Hmmm. Friday, PoP post about beer, and many, many comments. Meaning? Sign of a good neighborhood. Also, I’ll bet there a lot of people counting the hours to 5PM (or whatever your quitting time may be).

    4 hours, 4 minutes and counting…..

  • John – Boh’s not easy to find in DC, but it’s around. I’m pretty sure the Derby has it, for one. I’m an Annapolitan, born and raised (now living in Petworth, of course!) and Boh’s my home brew (even though Miller’s moved it to NC – I’m just saying it’s in my DNA, my family drinks that and Wild Goose pretty much exclusively). I adore it. When I’m out and drinking domestics, it’s Coors Light all the way. Again, I don’t think it’s some master crafted beer, I just like the blue mountains and it’s not sweet like Miller Lite.

  • M – Went to Dickinson in Carlise. Funny thing about Yuengling – I had a room mate from Pottstown. He used to bring cases of Yuengling quarts from home. I don’t think they bottle it in quarts any more.

  • Budweiser is not beer. It’s like beer-flavored water (maybe a new concept for Vitamin Water?). Sam Adams is a terrific domestic beer. And how can you not love a beer label that describes the historical Sam Adams as “Brewer. Patriot.” Now there’s a real American!

    Best Belgian beer? Leffe.

  • From the Land of Sky Blue Waters,
    From the land of pines, lofty balsams,
    Comes the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing.
    Brewed where nature works her wonders,
    Aged for many moons, gently mellowed,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing.
    From across the rippling water,
    Through the whisp’ring pines and birches,
    Comes the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing.
    Comes a call to cool enchantment,
    Comes a call to cool refreshment,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing.
    Hints of lakes and sunset breezes,
    Dance and sparkle in each glassful,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing.

    I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have to drive any farther than Wisconsin for Hamm’s… maybe just fly to Chicago and pack a big suitcase full of it.

  • Fave everyday beer: Pilsner Urquell
    Fave Belgian beer: Duvel

  • The best beet in the US is IC Light. The best beet in the world is formaldyhyde laced San Miguel from the Phillipines. All others suck. All Belgian Beers suck. Y’all are a bunch of pretentious urban hippster beer snobs. Get a life

  • yes…get angry about people’s beer preferences and assume everyone on here is an urban hipster stob

    and besides, don’t you know that real urban hipsters drink crappy beer like pbr?

  • you guys are all beet stobs!!

  • They’re finally coming around.

  • Gallo (marketed as Famosa here in the States) from Guatemala w/a slice of lemon does it for me. Pilsner Urquell gets the job done, too.

  • I know it’s not Friday any more, but I couldn’t resist a beer question!

    Will it destroy Bud? I doubt it, but I don’t really have any feelings one way or the other.
    Will my opinion be improved? Not unless something dramatic changes about the brewing process, and that probably WOULD be a death knell for them, so I don’t think that’ll happen.

    Not including micros or imports? Well crap, that’s about all I drink. Bass is my standby if I’m somewhere with a bad selection – it’s highly drinkable, if boring; Stone, Ommegang, Rogue, or Allagash if it’s domestic micros; favorite Belgian.. umm.. umm.. tough one. Leffe, Chimay, Duvel, Westmalle.. all tasty. And yes, I admit it, Lindeman’s Framboise will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Bud makes money because it’s Bud. The Belgians won’t change anything.

    I’ll drink Boh, Schaefer, or the stale of horses before I swill Yeungling, which is Danish for “Wide Open Ass.”

    Carlo Rossi spritzers FTW!

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