Cool New (Renovated) Building


This house is a beaut. I can’t tell if it will be residential or commercial or both. Doesn’t the windows in the front make it look like there will be some commercial as well?  The brick is great though, yeah?

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  • when they started construction on this place about 10 months ago the owner/developer said they were going to turn it into a single-family home, with a detached 1 bedroom unit in the structure behind it, which was once a stand alone garage. the work has been very tedius; at one point they removed and the replaced every single brick on the structure, supporting the entire roof with a wooden frame.

  • this building has been interesting to watch. I think it sat vacant for a long time, after which it seems the old roof was put on stilts and a new house built underneath it essentially.

    I can’t figure out why, but I really don’t like this brick choice.

  • Years ago it was a storefront church. I scooped up some pews from it. Still p.o.’d that someone beat me to a library table they put out on the street.

  • love the choice of windows… and don’t mind the brick. Sort of feels refreshing.

  • It looks so much better than the sh*thole it was when it was a church. The brick is all new. It has improved both 11th and S streets.

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