Washingtonian Magazine Spotlights New Privado Condos in CH

Washingtonian has a nice feature on the Privado Condos. There are some very cool graphic renderings of the space. The condos will be located at 1443 Chapin Street, NW and there are 16 units that will range from $374,900 to $989,000.

Cool graphics but “Privado” could be the worst name I’ve ever heard for condos. Sometimes people think when you have an ‘o’ at the end of a word it must sound exotic or exclusive. What do you think is that the worst name for a condo or have you seen worse? Maybe this will be a good contest, who can find the worst name for a condo in DC?

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  • Nice. Old news though. Was reported on DC MUD site a while ago.

  • Ugh – I nominate “The Soleil” at Georgia and Shepherd – hard to say and I didn’t like the (unfinished, after a year on the market) interiors (though I’m sure if it ever got finished, it’d be nice… hard to get past that view of the gas station, though).

  • How about the Latrobe? http://www.latrobeapts.com/

    That sounds like a pretty awful name and sounds too close to Latrine. I’m guessing its named for the architect.

    So how about the Jetu Apts?

  • emma d.,
    Several folks have moved in to the Soleil and they’re *finally* fixing up the landscaping. I imagine the rest of the units are done, too. I have no financial interest in the building, am just a neighbor who’d love to see it fully occupied, so you should come back and check it out if you’re still in the market!

  • worse than the name is the marketing pitch:


    I didn’t realize I lived in D.C.’s “haughtiest new neighborhood.” Ughhhh.

  • Anyone who pays nearly a million dollars for 1500 square feet at 14th and Chapin is surely out of their mind (a friend of mine bought a brand new 200 square foot condo on that block six months ago for about half that), but it’s an interesting looking building.

  • Errr, make that 2000 square foot ^^

  • “The Celsius” on 15th wins hands down. How Euro!

  • This reminds me of the Seinfeld bit about car names made by tacking on an “a” to then end of a positive adjective, e.g., Supra.

    I hate to say it, but I think the most tacky are the U Street condos/apartments named after historical black figures, like the Langston Lofts and the Ellington. Seems a bit self-important or trivializing (and ironic given the melanin levels of most residents). I mean, they aren’t exactly monuments or museums.

    Btw, I agree with Ron that the Privado is overpriced. I live nearby, and while this stretch of 14th Street is improving, it isn’t there yet.

  • aj, that is GREAT news. i ended up buying elsewhere in petworth, but living in a 1/3 full building myself, i totally support you spreading the good news about the soleil and getting more neighbors – i’m hoping for some myself! 🙂

  • The “Metropole,” down near the whole foods off logan circle would have to be the worst condo building name in the history of bad condo names. It sounds more like a male nudie club.

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