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  • he looks a little too smug….i actually love the current logo.. why are you changing it again?

  • Of the new entries, I think this is my favorite. Replace the hand-drawn letters with typeset characters and I think this is a go!

  • i think he’s been hangin’ with the jamaicans @ patty boom boom

  • I’m diggin this frog.

  • I think its great that the original artist is defending their crown and I like their new drawing too! I am a big fan of how the eye bumps were rendered. When I was drawing mine, I wasn’t sure exactly if the eyes go in them or are them or what, but this way looks right for a cartoon frog.

    If the letters are an issue with people, I think it would look great even without any letters as a stand alone. 🙂

  • Not bad, I’ll give it 2nd place behind the frog with the camera around his neck.

  • Waaait…this is just a sketch…how can it be considered as a logo, per se? Same with the existing one…

    Full disclosure: I did the first ‘disection-ready’ logo…which itself isn’t a true logo or icon by definition. I just don’t get these sketches?

    Actually, the BEST one was the monumentally-skewered frog. Just remove everything else but the frog and crown, flop him so he’s looking into the page and BOOM. Done. Nice.

  • He looks a little stoned, which may not be a bad thing necessarily….

  • this is tight! the cool “badass” frog i was talking about. if you want i’ll tighten it up and make it a real logo in illustrator.

  • needs to be redrawn in illustrator.

  • I like it best. I would just put a shadow of row homes or something (gardens or doors – take your pick) in the background of the circle.

  • and add some color too

  • oh yes, and put a camera around the frog’s neck (sorry the ideas are coming to me slowly)

  • It needs…A SHRUBBERY!

    from Roger the shrubber

  • My new favorite. I agree that it should be cleaned up in Adobe and colored.

  • has great potential. i like the ideas for row homes and a camera.

  • my favorite too

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