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I find to warn off folks it is better to use a tougher font. These letters are a bit rounded and make it seem like Mr. Tim is actually a really nice guy. Maybe some calligraphy would have a tougher edge to it?

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  • eh, it was the wife that wrote it.

    after all, she knows tim’s temper better than the rest of us, and is just looking out for folks….

  • Was that Mr T in DC’s house?

  • I love this sign! I saw it on my walk to CH and I was going to send a picture of it to you-when I remembered to actually have my camera on me. I still owe you pictures of the wise man and the owls which I will take and send hopefully this weekend.

  • From the looks of the sign Mr. Tim is one angry sorority chick.

  • mking- my thoughts exactly– Sorority Dots!

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