Good Renovation or Not?


Ed. Note: Last set of pictures with the pinkish hue. I promise it’ll be back to normal on Monday. What’s up with the vinyl in the middle?

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  • Although normally I would say vinyl is terrible, I have to say it’s not here. At least, even if there were a better construction choice, it certainly doesn’t stand out. I would LOVE to have a deck on the top of my porch roof, so bonus points for that, and the bay window is pretty sweet. I say thumbs up on this one.

  • Frankenstein! Yuck.

  • This house is on 14th St, NW just north of Allison. This property was a burned out shell for at least a couple years before being rebuilt a few years ago. Neighbors were complaining forever to get the city or someone to do something about it – and then it finally happened. While the way it was rebuilt may not have been the greatest, it is a HUGE improvement over the way it was.

  • 4506 14th, $809K.

    I give the (exterior) renovations a thumbs up, but wouldn’t pay $809K for it.

  • A few years ago, that house was absolutely gutted in a fire that even damaged houses on either side of it. One of those houses was the rented home of a family in the school where I was teaching. They were left homeless and moved in with relatives. The kids had nightmares about the fire and needless to say, they didn’t have rental insurance. This must have been six or seven years ago. BTW, that block of 14th Street, across the street from the gas station, has open air drug activity going on.

  • Huge pet peeve of mine — empty “take one” boxes.

  • If you want a great deal in this area, to me this looks like one:

    The yard is HUGE (could use a bit more fencing perhaps for added privacy) and the reno looks pretty good. $595k.

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