Garden of the Day

This photo certainly doesn’t do justice to how cool this garden is. I was able talk with owners Craig and Roy who explained to me that the banana trees in the pictures are over 30 years old. And last year they bore bananas for the first time which I thought was super cool. Apparently every fall you cut all the leaves off and uproot the trunks and place them in a cool spot (basement) for the winter. I think that’s wicked cool that they’ve been able to survive for over 30 years. Anyway, these guys were super nice and even showed me their back yard garden. It is a shade garden where they placed lots of recycled items. You can see some photos after the jump. The walkway was salvaged from one neighbor and the columns in the last picture were salvaged from another neighbor. Pretty sweet. So thanks again to Craig and Roy for being kind enough to explain their gardens to me, and patient enough to answer the questions of a total stranger. If I can find the place again, I’ll go back in late June to take some more photos when the garden fills out.

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  • POP, I have noticed that a lot of your pictures lately have a decidedly fuscia tone to the whites. Maybe it’s just because you see the world through rose colored glasses, but I’m thinking, perhaps you forgot to turn off some weird filter?

    Or maybe it’s just time to let the old girl go, and stop by our new Best Buy for an upgrade.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yup I think she kicked it this weekend. I’ll be upgrading on Thursday so if anyone has any recommendations for a new camera, I’d be grateful.

  • i don’t have a recommendation for a camera, but i have a recommendation for a great camera shop with well informed employees. Penn Camera. Various locations in dc, va, and md. Check out the one next to the FBI buidling on E st. Ask for Pete (he’s my pops)

  • I recommend the Canon Powershot S3 if you need a bargain, or the new Nikon digital SLRs if you have money to burn.

  • I love the E St Penn Camera – they are wonderful helpful people who charge fair prices and are available when you need help. So, let me second that recommendation above.

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