Do You Like the Contrast?


Do you like when the first floor is one material and the second floor is another? Or would it be better all one material/color?

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  • I kinda like it.

  • BTW, you should post the addresses. Or at the least the cross streets.

  • It can look good, but in this case the lower brick facade is not to my liking.

  • I like it!

  • that bottom portion is actually a special facade stone that was manufactured in baltimore until the mid 1900’s. it was fashionable to put it up at the time, as it was an expensive and different looking ‘exterior’ molding – people were bored of brick. baltimore was recently considering making all houses with that ‘stone’ historical – so no one could peel it off (which is technically VERY difficult, as it rips out brick and mortar). there are a bunch of houses that have that ‘stone’ in DC. most keep it on, because it’s so difficult to take it off.

    i personally find it ugly. look it up. it’s called formstone. here’s a quick wiki entry on the ‘polyester of brick’. yeah, definitely outdated.

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    Does everyone get this message, or is it just me? – that question is for you PoP.

    It’s kind of degrading to have to see that. It encourages me to post less, and less…

  • I like a little uniformity…at least, complimentary combos. I don’t hate this, but it does little for me.

  • This house used to be an overgrown dump. I can’t say that I like the formstone crap, but I sure am glad to see somebody fixing it up!

  • The house is at 7th and Quincy NW, and it was indeed a total dump. It used to have vinyl siding on the top that was falling off – the painted brick on the top is a big improvement.

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