Did I Stumble Into Amish Country?

IMG_8624, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This was a bizarre site just for the reason that it seemed to be on the side of a normal house. Cool.

So is this what we’re going to have to resort to when oil goes to $200 a barrel?

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  • I agree it is a bizarre sight.

  • Wow, great find, PoP! A horse-drawn wagon in the city, under repair no less, with the right rear wheel missing a few spokes, up on cinder blocks. There must be a really good story to go along with this.

  • That wagon has been sitting there like that for years, so I don’t think it is under repair. Funny how we take a sight like this for granted until someone else points out how unique it is. Thanks Pop!

  • When oil hits $200/barrel US needs to resort to standard fare (globally speaking) smaller and more efficient cars – that’s all.

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