DC MUD Reports on Howard Town Center

Thanks to a reader for sending this link from DCMUD about the Howard Town Center deal. An excerpt:

“This exchange means Howard will receive the former Bond Bread Building at 2146 Georgia Avenue, NW. The lot provides redevelopment space for the long-planned Howard Town Center: 300+ residence units, 70,000+ s.f. of commercial property, a supermarket, and parking. The District will receive in exchange, the site at Florida and Sherman Avenues, and will solicit bids for a mixed-use project to include at least 300 housing units (30 percent affordable).”

So is this going to be the catalyst for some exciting development on lower Georgia Ave.?

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  • Interesting. It should certainly help. One would think it should an interesting area for some businessed what with Uni there and all.

    There is, btw, an update on the same site already: Howard University has already issued a RFP, so it seem they are moving forward pretty fast. Another grocery store seems to be part of the plan.

  • Not only that, but isn’t all of lower georgia supposed to be rebuilt with new lighting, sidewalks, plantings, etc. starting in the Fall? Knowing DC I’d be shocked if this started on time, but whenever it does, revamping the whole streetscape will make a HUGE difference in the feel of that commercial stretch …

  • I thought that’s starting first around the Petworth/G Ave metro, not as far South as the HU.

  • It does start first around the Petworth station but the those particular plans have been finalized. The streetscape for Georgia Avenue is still being worked out although some preliminaries can be found on the dc.gov website if I’m not mistaken.

  • Yep, there are some nice renderings. Like there were for the 14th St and the Civic Plaza there… i.e. the end result is unlikely to be as nice as the plan (or will take forever to get to it). I suspect the first bit to go down is in front of the condo being built.

  • I pray every night that the district gets the streetscape improvements to Ga. Ave. done soon and in a nice way. Has anyone else noticed that H St. has leapfrogged in line over Ga. Ave. as far as plans for a streetcar? Now theirs is planned 2nd after Anacostia and Ga. Ave. is….on hold?

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