Another Sweet Kitchen Renovation


The owner of this awesome kitchen writes: “Our contractor works on his own. He is John Hellmandollar, and we turn to him every time we need any work completed we can

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  • Fantastic! I appreciate the all these kitchen renovators giving the budget for their work. It helps keep this feature informative. I’m curious — is the wall behind the stove some kind of tile, or is it paint? And if it’s paint, what color is it?

  • It is an eggshell paint. I’ll have to dig around to see what the color is. The tile was outside of the budget. Note that the price doesn’t include the rework of the hardwood floors or the electrician.

  • How do I get in touch with John Hellmandollar? I like the look of his work and would love to get some quotes from him for a renovation in Petworth.

  • We are about to redo our kitchen and would love to get in touch with John. Seems like he does a great job. We looked around on Google and Angie’s List, but couldn’t find him. Does anyone have his contact info?

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