1st Entry in New PoP Logo Contest


Entries will be accepted until May 11th. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down in the comments and send your entries to [email protected]

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  • Heheh, I like it. I love his little flag.

  • i think that is terrifying!

  • I’m deathly afraid of frogs.

  • I like it, so far it is the best one! 😉

  • How can anyone follow that?

  • No

  • I like it, but is it really a _logo_? Feels more like POP fan art.

  • it’s cool, but not as a logo for PoP’s site. i say we get PoP drunk, have him sketch a few logos, and then we vote for one of those.

  • It will be a different feel as the frog is a little less, um, dejected…but given the changes in Petworth…i think that a fesh look isnt a bad thing either…you may need to change some other parts of tha layout to match if this is the chosen winner. I wish I had skillz….well done submitter.

  • I like it. He is definitely more princelike – especially compared to your current image. I like the “ting!” of the crown and the jaunty angle of the DC flag, giving him a little edge and dare I say, hipness. He also seems to be giving the peace sign with his front leg. I totally think it could be a logo (or part of), also could be used as a bullet icon smaller in scale.


  • The crown strikes me as more that of a king, rather than a prince. I picture a prince wearing a crown without the fabric portion, and lower and more rakish.

  • That frog looks like he is approximately 24 hours from dissection in an 8th grade biology class. I would prefer something a bit more cartoonish and less serious-looking, please!

  • I think it’s totally utterly awesome! And we’ve had enough of sad frog!!!

  • It’d be hard to beat that. Keep it.

  • While looking up frog pictures to brainstorm ideas I came across this very disturbing picture…a frog+pear combo …i may never want to eat a pear again because I will just think about those eyes staring back at me!!! ieeeee!!!


  • His little front right foot looks like it is giving the “E” for eastside! I love it. Maybe give him a more princely crown, the crown he is rocking is definitely king style.

  • too creepy…thumbs down.

  • i agree, a little creepy. maybe it’s the dead look in the frog’s eyes, like he’s lost all love for petworth.

  • Definitely don’t like it !! I like the meditating frog statue from a previous post ~~

  • Thumbs up! Love it. Super kitschy and fun.

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