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Back in January I asked if you noticed whether the Express guy at the metro was shirking his duties. Well, I have to say for the past few weeks we’ve gotten a new Express guy at the Petworth metro… and he is absolutely amazing. He is super nice, extremely polite and always, always, quick on the draw to hand out a paper. So I thought it was worth giving props when props are due.

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  • Here, here! I second thine givithing of props.

    Seriously, the guy is top notch. I’ve been impressed.

  • YES! he’s so awesome

  • I’ll third the sentiment. He’s great. Always has a smile on his face wishing me a great day or a great weekend if it’s Friday.

  • He is great. But I’m a little disheartened with all of the papers littering metro in the mornings.

  • Definitely a huge improvement. The new guy is great.

  • The dude is great.

  • In agreement with all. The new guy always has a smile on his face and is a welcome change.

  • great guy, very polite. i think his name is carl. i always politely say “no thanks” when offers a paper, but he tells me “have a good day” every time. he needs to be nominated for express employee of the month or something.

  • anyone else notice the americorps kids passing out free condoms at the petworth metro the other day?

  • Come to Ft. Totten…we have TWO very helpful and eager Express people!

  • PoP provides a forum which allows us to question & comment upon the happenings of our fair neighborhood. Petworth Express guy ensures that we are equally aware of the happenings of the DC/Metro area. I think its fitting we submit his name to Express for his superior service… if for no other reason than providing us the daily opportunity to laugh at ourselves & the nonsense that makes it into the Blog Log.

  • While the new guy is quite amazing, I’m kinda sad the old guy’s gone since I’d kinda made friends with him. From what I understand, the old guy moved to a different part of the city.

  • His name is Lawrence. We should definitely contact Express to commend him.

  • At Tenleytown, our guy is very nice. He always recognizes me and tells me hi and asks me how I’m doing, must be the red hair that makes me stand out from everyone else. He fold the papers in half and hands them out, always smiling and always prepared when a large group of people are coming (which frequently happens because of the AU shuttle).

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