Now That You’ve Discovered Dessert Head to The Gym, Soon.

Thanks to the good folks at The Heights Life for tipping me off to their investigation of Columbia Heights Retail. This is what they found out about the Washington Sports Club: “The doors are open and the machines are lined up, but the sweat will have to wait. I was told WSC would open on Monday, but that’s only to sign up new members. Workouts won’t begin for “another few weeks.”

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  • Okay, so they are accepting memberships but not actually opening? I want to work out, not pay to NOT use the gym!

  • They don’t bill you until the gym opens, which is slated for June 1, according to the staff there on 5/4/08. But FYI – PARKING IS NOT INCLUDED. All the people that signed up (approx. 1,100 so far) were told that it was. Ooooooops. Made me a little nervous, wonder what else is going to change before opening day?!

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