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  • used maggio roofing for the flat roof on my rowhouse. they are friendly, prompt, willing to negotiate, and offer a lifetime warranty that is transferable (with a small fee) to subsequent owners of the house. used them to repair my porch roof and the main roof. they also work fast and take care not to damage your front or back yard areas.

  • Wagner Roofing, in addition to Maggio, is the other “big” name in the business. They are prompt, professional, and reliable (do a lot of work on the historic federal buildings and were featured on the DC This Old House season). When I bid out my slate roof replacement, they were cheaper than Maggio (note: not cheap) by a couple thousand bucks, and then did a quick and thorough job when I called them back to fix the flat part of the roof. I imagine for a flat roof, however, you can get a lot of qualified folks — Wagner and Maggio, however, are perceived as the “gold standard” roofers in this area.

  • I called Maggio to get a bid on our roof and was not at all pleased with them. The salesman who came out to take a look at the roof is just that, in every sense of the word, including all the negative connotations. We had a plumber at the house when the guy from Maggio showed up, and even the plumber commented on the very heavy-handed push I got to replace the entire roof. He was openly not thrilled when I said we were going to get additional estimates to make sure that’s what was truly needed. I don’t know if it was because I’m female and young-looking (i.e., potentially inexperienced and a pushover), but it was really over the top pushy.

    Then, it took him 6 days to return a message (which it sounded like he never even got) and he insisted that we had to sit down, in person, with him to go over the proposal. Because my husband and I both work and had already spent significant time at home getting other roof bids (and dealing with the plumbing issue), I said that just wasn’t going to be possible with our schedules. He said he’d prepare the proposal to be sent via email. That was more than two weeks ago and I haven’t heard a word back from him. A call to the company last week to see if I could get the bid sent by mail got attitude and another push to sit down in person with them, so I told them to forget the whole thing – not that it matters, though, because they weren’t going to get the job anyway.

    Lastly, on Washington Consumers Checkbook, Maggio has a very, very, very low approval rating – somewhere down around 50% – plus a bunch of BBB disputes. They got dinged for just about everything from poor customer service to poor work, which really didn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in the company.

  • L and M Roofers. Maggio has screwed over several friends and then one person has a great experience with them- totally hit or miss.

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