Neat Neighborhood Find: Som Records


You can easily walk by this small basement store at 1843 14th Street just south of T Street. Now, I’m not a huge record fan but you have to dig the style of this store. And wasn’t it just national record store week or something like that? Actually, now may be a good time to explain to me the appeal of purchasing records. Is it because the quality is somehow more authentic? Anyway, this store is super fresh and if you like the vinyl you ought to check it out.

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  • djing…. people still do use vinyle

  • I’m not a vinyl aficionado, but I love that this store exists along 14th St. It’s one of several homegrown funky stores that keep the character of the neighborhood interesting.

  • this post had better show up as the new commenting thing is driving me insane:

    love this spot for records. a bit pricey for a few but Neal, the owner, knows good music. was just in there yesterday and bought an older 12″ by a local artist kid gusto… and i will buy records til the day i die.

  • All I buy is Vinyl…..for 11+ years now

    Anon- a few of us folks still dj with vinyl, but most have gone the way of CDs and laptop setups. There is just a special type of romance (for lack of a better word) about vinyl that will never die…to me, at least.

  • The owner is really nice, but most importantly, unpretentious. I harass him all the time with what are actually “dumb questions” and he doesn’t flinch. He’ll hold records for you and even keep an eye out for records you want when he’s out digging. Great eye POP!

  • even though i no longer buy vinyl (due to space) this store is great. i enjoy going along with friends who do still collect and browse. neal is great.

  • Nice find. I’ll definitely check it out! Two of the stores I relied on for vinyl in Clarendon are closing or already have, such a bummer. And why buy vinyl? Well, when you’ve dropped two iPods down the stairs and have a tendancy to scratch up your CDs when you bring them in the car for road trips like me, it’s the only form of music that I am forced to respect because I can’t bring it anywhere!

  • Being a child of the late 50s I was raised on vinyl! Not only is Rick (owner of the late great Orpheus Records in Clarendon) a long time friend but I also worked for him, off and on, since 1974 hence I have more than 3000 records (I had about 5000 but my apt. was robbed years ago and I’m still recoevering!). I still buy vinyl because there’s a lot of great music from the Golden Age of Vinyl that will never see the laser-light of day as a CD. Of course I have a program on my PC that allows me to make really good burns so I can take my old T-Bone Burnett on the road with me.

    Now, if I could only find an 8-track player….

  • Feels like an apt time for a plug:

    We’re all about DC’s vinyl stores…

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