It’s Alive!

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Hmm, umm, yeah. Er, the doors, no the pop up, no. If you were wondering if God was malevolent or benevolent, well, here you go.

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  • I honestly can’t decide which is a bigger abomination, the 2nd floor door, or the 3rd floor bay window and weird ranch-like roof thingy up there.

    I am hoping that the permits visible mean this is a work in progress. A porch coming, I hope? But given the heinous third floor addition, I don’t have much faith that the theoretical porch will be good.

  • Hideous.

  • That’s on Upshur right?
    Man isn’t there a rehab with third floor a few houses down that did an okay job?
    These owners could have referenced it maybe?

  • Woah.. I don’t mind some pop ups at all but this one is shite..

  • 3rd floor is awful. at least the 2nd floor will have a front deck.

  • 2d floor deck with a “regular” front door? No French doors or something?

  • Just realized that the neighbor has one too! ugh!

  • How do people get permits for this sh!+

  • Anon….you’re kidding right? All they do is march themselves down to DCRA and apply for it…the argument rages in our neighborhood about whether DCRA or DPR is the worst department in the city….

  • You’d think they would at least find a different door for the (soon to be) deck… Terrible pop-up.

  • Hideous!

  • yeah it’s hideous but dcra can’t regulate taste unless there are historic preservation regs or some such. it’s their house and they are the deciders!

  • This is what eminent domain was invented for. Please, for the greater good of the public would somebody take this building away from its owner???

  • does the house on the far right side have a fence or railing on that second floor “deck?” that can’t be up to code

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