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What is that material? And do you like it as a finished building material?

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  • I believe the original material is called ‘Galvalume’, a hybridization of ‘Galvanized’ and ‘Aluminum’. It was featured prominently in the works (both realized and unrealized) of many of the more famous fathers of Modern Architecture, as a viable cost efficient alternative to traditional brick and mortar or wood siding. If you look up some of the works of Mr. James Grayson Trulove ( coincidentally, a DC resident), you will see this material used abundantly throughout his books. I remain divided on its use – when used sparingly or thoughfully, with purpose, it works. When thrown haphazardly at a building trying to be pretentiously modern, it looks like a trailer park threw up on a rowhouse. In this instance, I think it works.

  • I almost forgot, if you found this interesting, you should check out the remodel on the south side of the 1300 Blk. of Otis Pl. NW – It’s almost entirely sided in Cor-Ten steel (guaranteed/desgned to ‘rust’).

  • I like it for this building.

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