What’s the Scoop on Dos Gringos

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The place looks great when walking by but I’ve heard tons of mixed reviews. So what’s the real story here – worth checking out or not?

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  • I ate there once. I loved the tofu scramble, or was it a breakfast burrito? However, something about the place seemed a bit unclean, and, hate to say, I came down with a pretty bad case of tummy sickness that night…. Even if it was just a strange coincidence, I haven’t been able to go back since.

  • I have been craving Salvadoran or Mexican food today…and your blog is helping that craving get stronger! I’m going to have to make a trip to one of these places today.

  • Not so sure Dos Gringos will satisfy that craving, Golden Silence. Isn’t it an American place?

  • Yeah, it’s an American place (hence, Dos Gringos). I had a good turkey avocado sandwich there.

  • Fantastic fresh fruit belgian waffles, but the worst attitude I have ever received from a food establishment in D.C. The owner is a little moody / mildly grouchy but basically O.K., but one of the employees who I dealt with twice was incredibly rude and snippy, without any cause whatsoever. I will not return.

  • Sounds good. The overly friendly (read = tip motivated) service makes me sick sometimes! 😀

  • I have never had any problems there with people being unfriendly/overly friendly. I think their fool is excellent and it is such a nice environment inside. The patio is pretty sweet as well.
    Definitely check it out.

  • Worst Service Ever

    Quick Summary of my last visit which was about 2 years ago, how is this place still in business?

    “Oh you wanted your soup warmed up?
    Server sticks finger in my bowl of soup.
    “It doesn’t feel too cold to me, I’ll stick it in the microwave and bring it back”

    I wasn’t there when the soup came back, I left right away. It would have probably taken them 20 minutes to bring it back, and the soup would have been cold by then.

    Trying not to hate on a local business, but the best thing about local businesses is that they usually take pride in their service. Perhaps the owners are trying a different philosophy to their service.

  • dos gringos is the unofficial weekend stop for “bitches who brunch”. you all know the type. lives in mount pleasant, take the bus everywhere, works in nonprofit and looks down their long noses at anyone who doesn’t meet their pedigree. but with the opening of target, i’m sure they’ll venture on the otherside of 16th street for a change. i’ve been several times and these mothefuckers never have eggs. they say “come earlier”, like arriving at noon is late.

    the food is mediocre at best and the service is lame. the establishment definitely falls under the category of “stuff white people like”. its so crunchy you can taste the granola in the air.

  • Uh…anonymous, what is wrong with 1) living in Mt. Pleasant 2) taking the bus 3)working in a nonprofit 4) having brunch? Mt Pleasant can be pretty diverse and really friendly if you get to know people in the neighborhood and it’s not exactly super close to a metro, which explains why a lot of Mt Pleasant residents take the bus.

    I’m kinda mediocre on Dos Gringos myself and haven’t been there in over a year, but seriously, stop having such an attitude!

  • This place is on my black list for some of the worst service I’ve ever had, under any conditions, for anything, anywhere. I have honestly gotten far better service in Eastern European shitholes where I didn’t speak the language and only had currency that was from a different country.

  • My friends and I go to Dos Gringos regularly (I was just there for breakfast with a friend Tuesday morning) and have always found it to be clean, the service to be friendly (esp. the owner), the food delicious, and the coffee just great. I have no idea why people would bother posting about the status of a place when they haven’t been there for a year or 2. Get a grip, it is a great local coffee shop.

    And as far as it being “crunchy”, that seems a bit of a stretch. They are environmentally friendly because they give you mugs if you are staying in the shop and have spoons rather than disposable stir sticks to fix your coffee (with well marked “clean” and “dirty” cups). They also don’t over buy on produce, bread, eggs, etc., which means they aren’t wasting their money or resources, and its all fresh. So if being environmentally conscious and having business savvy is crunchy, then crunch on.
    Oh, and the menu is in English and Spanish and I often see a crowd there that is indicative of the actual demographics of the area…

    All in all a great place. If you had a bad experience a year or two ago, I’d suggest giving it another try…

  • “‘bitches who brunch’. you all know the type. lives in mount pleasant, take the bus everywhere, works in nonprofit…”
    HA! What a ridiculous population to hate!

    Regarding Dos Gringos, I like it.

  • Mediocre and definitely forgettable. Went a couple times 2-3 yrs ago. Yes, much time has passed but, I have a short list of businesses that do give 100% “most” of the time. In fact, I went to Meridian (in Brightwood) a few weeks ago. The server clearly had never worked in a restaurant (or at least a nice restaurant) and made numerous minor mistakes during our meal. The owner noticed his mistakes and immediately corrected them in front of us, quickly followed by a sincere apology.

    You know what, the worker never once was rude and you could tell he sincerely wanted to correct his mistakes. We left a 25% tip and thanked him for his efforts and personally thanked the owner on his behalf. Meridian “deserves” my business again.

    Forget about bagels in Mt P. as long as So’s Your Mom exists.

  • I definitely stopped going because I didn’t feel cool enough to be there. Maybe that’s my fault for caring what other people think about me. But it’s a weird feeling to have when you’re eating brunch. Brunch is the most egalitarian of meals. When you’re hungover on a Sunday morning, the last thing you want is a headache induced by the judgmental stares of servers (and, yes, the clientele). So, in short, go there if you like waffles and fresh fruit sprinkled with disgust for your general being.

  • went there once, the egg salad sandwhich was great but they had a bad attitude…which i didnt appreciate since there were no other customers at the time.

  • I’ve been going for 7 years and love it! The havarati scrambled eggs are good but they run out early.

  • hmm… I’d never heard anyone say anything about bad attitudes at Dos Gringos. Since I live alllll the way over in Columbia Heights, I’m often too lazy to go there on the regular, but I love it. I’ve always found the food to be excellent, and haven’t ever had a problem with the service.
    It is pretty crunchy granola, sure, but in the fresh, sustainable way. I kinda like that stuff, though, so I guess I can’t complain.
    They do seem to make an effort to cater to the neighborhood’s Hispanic bent, but whenever I’m there, it’s a pretty one-note (read “white bread”) crowd.
    Certainly worth a try though, PoP.

  • I think the food is very good. But I did notice last time I went (after being away for a while) that there were no “gringos” working there anymore. Maybe it’s different on the weekends.

  • I love it!!! The stuff white people like!!! Anonymous at 3:39, you crack me up! I too could go on about that crowd, the socks with sandals, the non-profits, there is definitely a look, a type, a mentality. It could have been me so easily. As for the restaurant, nunca me ha llamado la atenci

  • You’re opening up a can of worms. Ten bucks says there are at least 150 comments on this thread by Sunday…there have been websites devoted to hating on this place…and for good reason. Looking for a fruit salad? You’ll get a bed of greens and four slices of grapefruit — for about $5. And if you go complain, they’ll act like you’re some spoiled brat, and how dare you ask for more fruit in your fruit salad. Four pieces of fruit is all that’s allowed. Oh, and if the sandwich says it comes with avocado, you’ll get one slice, about as thick as a nickel, and again, don’t bother complaining…the owner is a bitch and the empoylees have attitutde that puts Paris Hilton to shame. I wouldn’t spend a a penny there if it was the last place on earth with food and I was starving to death. OK, maybe an exageration, but now you know how I feel…

  • my girlfriend ( a couple of years ago) took me there.

    it was fine on an early weekend morning.

    but i felt like shit because i wasn’t wearing birkenstocks or teva sandals.

    food is mediocre.

    now i find out that my girlfriend at the time is a lesbian.

    it’s a place for folks that wanna be different… or somesuch.

    the bathrooms were clean though.

    it’s a hippie dippie, wanna be U street joint.

    you only go there if you have an agenda.

    i prefer the mexican joint at the end of the street.

    they don’t speak english, but they serve a mean margarita.

    and there aren’t a ton of white folks wanting to ‘get down’ with the area, under the auspices of a neo-hippie joint.

    give it a shot and see for yourself.

    not my style, but then again, i now live in NE DC.

    it’s hard to find REAL places around this city.

  • The place is great and continues to be an asset to the general neighborhoods of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. Perhaps if you need “kiss my ass” kind of service, this is not your place but the food is good, the place is clean, and there are many food options not found in other places in DC.

    I love the curry chicken salad the best…

  • Used to live in Mt. Pleasant before I moved to Petworth and I loved the feel of Mt. Pleasant street/17th street. Wish we had somtthing like it in Petworth, but we don’t.

    I am pretty neutral about Dos Gringos, but my question is – why was it that the ice cream shop below never seems to be open! In my entire 2 years living in Mt. Pleasant, I only saw it open once and I went in and bought a couple of pints (which were deliscious!).

  • Seriously people, why all of the hating on the crunchy, non-profit crowd? I think it is a great asset to the area. What is wrong with having a “neo-hippie” joint in Mt. P? This shows an increasing diversity in the area and an influx of people who care about the environment and supporting the local community. I wasn’t hear then, but I hear that Mt. P was very “real” back in the day. And dangerous as hell.

    I’ll take my neo-hippie, gentrified, wanna be U street place any day.

    From the other comments, it appears that the service maybe spotty at best. I guess you take your chances, but as I said, I have never had a bad meal there or bad service.

  • I like it – definately has it’s place. I have a dog and on a nice spring day, an egg sandwich and a coffee – or a waffle – on the patio in the morning with my dog in a nice neighborhood with a diverse crowd is just the ticket. Until someone else is opening a casual weekend breakfast place with an outdoor patio I will continue to go – no complaints.

  • I agree that there is no need to be against the “chrunchy” crowd, but the service was not friendly nor particuarly prompt. And Tim T. – I sure don’t need nor even want “kiss my ass” service, but being friendly is not too much to expect especially when i’m a friendly customer.

  • funny thing about dos-

    the menu that you face when waiting in line is in spanish, while the english version is out of sight. and only white people ever go there. wtf?

    bean mash wrap and avocado club are pretty good.

  • Dos Gringos has fantastic food at extremely reasonable prices. I have eaten there about once a week for the past 2 years (and have never once fallen ill, to address the comment about its cleanliness). The caveat is that you have to be willing to deal with a few idiosyncrasies, the most major of which is this: they design their menu to “run out” so as not to waste food. A nice idea in theory, but not always done so deftly. Hence you’re likely to get excited about something on the menu, only to discover they they have been “out” of eggs since 10:30 that morning. Some people, for very understandable reasons, don’t care to put up with this, and choose not to come back. Others, however, view it as a substantial-but-not-dealbreaking quirk and find the great food worth putting up with the need to choose a second (and sometimes third) menu option. People vote with their feet, and Dos Gringos is never short on customers. I highly recommend giving it a try.

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