PoP Coordinated Community Clean Up?

Lots of folks have been writing me about getting a community clean up started. I think it’s a great idea. So I thought I’d gauge interest. Do we want this to be a one time thing? A monthly thing? The second Saturday of every month? Just Petworth or are folks in Columbia Heights, U Street, and/or Mt. Pleasant interested as well? Let me know what you think and we’ll take it from there.

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  • I think there should be separate community clean ups based on their ANC neighborhood.

  • Can we sent you photos with locations of the worst areas for posting? That seems like it would be useful as well.

  • North Columbia Heights Civic Assn does a monthly cleanup on the first Saturday of the month. The city is involved and provides services and even kids doing community service (both the required kind for school and the required kind for punishment).


  • I think at least a monthly get together would be great!

  • There’s a lot of small clean ups. A cool thing would be to coordinate everyone’s starting date and time.

  • That’s a great idea. I think every other saturday is a reasonable time commitment. Why not just set a standard time for PoP readers to get out and clean up. Props to all those who tackle the Spring/10th St/ Quincy trash zone. It’s great having a park area but lack of public cans = tons o’ trash.

  • i think setting this up as a monthly thing might cause an early burnout… why not have one big event where we all meet somewhere big and open (grant circle, in celebration of pops header?) and then after a quick meet and greet, we can break into bands heading out in every direction… after a few hours of fun and fellowship (and trash picking upping) we can start to head towards a few designated restuarants for a happy hour to celebrate a job well done with our neighbors… maybe the restuarants can even throw a discount towards any group of people with bright orange vests or work gloves as a community thanks??! if this is as big of a success as i think it can be, then we could start a forum on here about getting this into a monthly thing.

  • i’m into it! might be a good idea to have small teams in a few areas, and do a bit of a rotation (like, if there are 6 teams working every other weekend, we could cover 12 places in a month…. that sounds hugely ambitious, but you know what i mean).

  • oooh i like cristobal’s idea too!

  • I agree with Cristobal too. I also like Steve’s idea – photos of the really ‘needy’ areas. Perhaps we can vote (somehow) on at least one of the areas to clean.

  • in fact, i would rent this apartment – I had a friend who lived here and really liked it!

  • I’m in for the popular decision! And, a giant hat’s off to the couple with the two dogs who were not only picking up after their dogs a block away from the Petworth metro yesterday evening, but were also picking up trash along the way. It’s a lesson I took with me on my dog walk the very same evening!

  • duh, posted to the wrong topic above. But a neighborhood cleanup is a great idea and i’m glad to join. If a local spot would provide some great happy hour deals after even better…

  • agree to one time meeting as per cristobal. maybe earlyish with breakfast after, at Ben’s?

  • I would definitely be up for it. I like the idea of splitting off into to groups to cover a bigger area and then coming back together for beverages. If no local spots offered happy hour specials, then maybe we could have a block party or something. The ANC uses the triangle between 7th and NH Ave sometimes for events.

  • Love it – I was thinking about inviting all my neighbors over for a barbecue (since I’ve never met them) and then asking if anyone was thinking the same thing. The trash from the metro (CH) and the new stores is SO BAD on our street. Anyone on 14th and Irving to 13th and Irving…let’s do it!

  • David… I think that was us! My husband actually started the habit of bringing an extra bag along for trash, so I’ll give him the credit. Hopefully our paths will cross again in our trash picking up efforts, are you on Quincy also?

  • hell yeah kelly!! meet up>clean up>drink up!! block par-tee! block par-tee!

  • Good luck but doing these coordinated community clean ups more than maybe every two months is going to be difficult – doing them more often risk burn out.. And if they are indeed fairly far apart, that means that the rest of the time individuals really have to do their part – the trash is back in a flash. Perhaps the more important function of these is the building of a community feel.

  • So when should we plan our first big meet up>clean up>drink up??

  • Just picking a date out of the air, maybe April 19th? After tax clean up?

  • April 19th would work for me. I’d love to help out!

  • ACameron, checking the old blogs? If yes, I suspect that was you, and you needed the public praise on PoP for the effort. Yep, we’re on Quincy, and I’ll introduce myself next time.

    GforGood, good points. My cleanups last for the most part for about 2.5 weeks, but then I’m in residential.

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