Nice Budget Bathroom Renovation


The owner writes:
“It’s not really a “renovation” per say, but we painted the walls and the ugly vanity and put in new flooring! We wanted a new vanity, but the size constraints meant that we’d need to have one custom made, which was not in the budget this year… so we painted it, thinking we’d have nothing to lose, and it made the whole bathroom look a little less cheap! This is in Columbia Heights.”

Personally, I think that is one of the best floors I’ve seen. Check out the before picture after the jump.


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  • Very nice! Goes t ho show you don’t necessarily need a big budget to make a great difference.

  • It is amazing what the right color paint can do for a room. And I love the little tile border around the wall close to the floor (what are those things called again?).

  • This looks great. I am looking to do something small like this to one of my bathrooms. Can you recommend the person who did this for you?

  • mosaic tiles

  • baseboard or toe kick?

  • Your picture did not show if you replaced that frilly light fixture above the sink. One of the easiest ways to upgrade, also not too costly.

  • That looks great! The paint on the vanity did wonders, and I’m curious about the floor, too. Where did you get the tile, and were your installers good (or did you do it yourself)? Love the mini-tile border.

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