Charity Contest Winner

And the winner is…First Time Computers! Believe it or not there was some manipulation in the voting process. I can’t believe people were trying to “stuff” the ballot box for a charity contest. Anyway, I think all the charities were worthy so obviously if you don’t want to contribute to First Time Computers please donate to the charity of your choice. But if you would like to donate to First Time Computers please send me an email with the amount you have donated so, as promised, I can match it up to $500. Here are the details for contributing from their Web site:

“Cash contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

On line contributions are welcome. Please click here to donate.

Checks may be made payable to First Time Computers and mailed to 6407 32nd St NW, Washington, DC, 20015.”

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  • nice choice.

    education above all the rest.

    i wish i could donate my old cell phones to a charity.

    someone told me that there is an organization that accepts phones for ‘abused women’.

    anyone have any info on that?

    i have 4 cell phones that are just sitting in a box…

  • Poo-

    While I realize that you’re probably a DCer since you’re reading this blog, I figured I’d let you know that there is a collection box for cell phones for just that sort of charity in the lobby of the Arlington County Courthouse at the Courthouse metro stop.

  • The 4th District Police Station also has a drop box for cell phones to be used in the DC Area.

  • I tried to volunteer at First Time Computers and sent an e-mail offering to help. No response. Two weeks later someone called me to schedule a follow-up meeting and I never heard back confirming the meeting. I guess they don’t need help.

  • PoP – do they cash your check? I’ve been trying to get in touch with First Time Computers for over 2 weeks now b/c i’d like to donate a laptop to them. I’ve even driven past their location twice and there is no sign of life in there….anyone know anything about this? Anyone have info on where else i can donate a computer?

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