Cafe Collage Reopening!

IMG_7281, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve always wondered how this great spot located on T Street next door to St. Ex could remain closed. Unfortunately when I walked by there was nobody to ask when it was reopening. Anyone know when it will be reopening?

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  • What the heck was that place? A gallery/caf

  • ive been on the block for 10 years now. i used to go to Cafe Collage mostly because i refused to go to Starbucks, and at the time, that was the only coffee on this end of 14th st. then i kept going because i realized that it was the best damn cappuccino i ever had. for real. i wasnt really into the art so much, but the vibe was chill and unpretentious in the space, and they played reggae all day, which is even better. i hope they worked their licensing issues out with the community.

  • Aaahhhhh, let the games begin again. This “chill and unpretentious place” is just a money laundering operation and after-hours hangout for on and off-duty cab drivers.

    Why don’t these “business owners” go to a block where they might be appreciated?

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