Best Sign in Columbia Heights?


A reader writes:  “I wanted to draw your lens to one that I am sure you’ve seen and thought about. It may be simultaneously the best and the worst sign in Columbia Heights and Petworth taken together. Yes, I’m talking about the Tivoli sign.

On the up side – it’s historic, it’s a landmark, there are two of them, it evokes a 19th century Danish garden …

On the down side – no one seems to be in charge of replacing the burnt out light bulbs.”

So have you noticed many light bulbs that need replacing?  Otherwise do you dig this sign the most?

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  • Yep, I noticed many burnt out bulbs last winter. I guess I must have stopped looking at some point.

  • I love the sign. I’ve never noticed the burnt out bulbs even though I walk by it multiple times a week.

  • One can really appreciate and respect the amount of time, effort, and concern that went into re-developing the entire Tivoli block–especially when one takes a glance across the street at DC USA and what happened there.

  • What truly makes me laugh is that the lights on the Target and Best Buy signs have already burned out, more than once!!!

  • Just when the burned out bulbs were making me sad, I noticed the giant, white, capsule shaped light pattern projector that the Gala has bolted into one of the arches on the 14th street side of the building. Ugh. There should be a law.

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